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Industrial revolution Essay

Essay Topic:

Sometime between 1700 and 1800 changes take place in Great Britain that later become termed'revolutionary'.The reasons why these changes occur in Britain remain in discussion today as does the importance of some ofthe major inventions of that time.However, without question the changes that occur become crucial factors in changing the standards of living for Britain, Europe and then later, the rest of the world.
Exact dates as to the start of the Industrial Revolution differ, because historians have different views as to the significance of the changes that occur and if they are classed 'revolutionary' or not.What we do know, however, is that most of the changes occur sometime in the latter half of the Eighteenth Century.Britain at this time is a country that is free of war.It is a unified country, and because of it's settled state it is prosperous and able to spend money on things that up until now had been considered luxurious.Keen inventors see consumer demand as an opportunity for them. They set out to try to find ways to make the manufacturing process a more efficient, streamline operation.
Clothing manufacturing was the subject for most change.Up until now the system that had been in place for especially for clothing manufacturing had been one known as'putting out'.This meant that the manufacturer gave out raw materials to a home worker.The home worker would complete the specific task required and the manufacturer would then pick up the goods from the home, pay the worker and then pass the product on to the next person in the assembly line.This process worked, but it was slow and very inefficient.One of thefirst notable inventions that made clothing and textile manufacturing easier was a weaving machine called the Flying Shuttle, invented by John Kay in 1733.The Flying Shuttle was a machine invented to make the production of textiles faster to keep up with co…

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