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The Industrial Revolution Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Capitalism

The period between 1865 and 1900 is known as the Industrial Revolution. During that time the U.S. changed from an un-unified, agricultural society into a developed, industrialized society. Industrialization changed all aspects of the country. The revolution did have negative effectson society,such as poor work conditions and child labor. While the Industrial Revolution did create many long lasting labor problems, it did advance America economicallyand, therefore left the U.S. better off in 1900 than it was In 1865, the U.S. was an agricultural society, where 90 percent of the population had to farm to survive. This was changed by the end of the revolution, a very low percentage of the population could feed the rest. This along with a large number immigrants coming over from Europe, led to the fact that the U.S. had a large work force to stay in cities and work at factory jobs. With this and a number of willing businessmen to lead the revolution, The Revolution brought to America a new economy and left it as one of the biggest manufacturers in the world. The American economy was pretty much the same throughout the 90 years before 1865. Industrialization brought great change to the American economic system. Big businesses like the Standard Oil Company and Carnegie Steel replaced the old small, local businesses. While these big businesses did use dirty and illegal tactics, they created a large number of jobs and were able to keep prices low. In addition to big business, the idea of capitalism was introduced to american society, in which anyone who works hard can succeed. This idea became the basis to the “American Dream “. People felt that if they worked hard they could climb Along with the new economic system and other improvements, the …

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