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In Another Country Essay Paper

War is the worst thing a world can confront. For me. war is ever associated with unhappiness. loss. heartache and people’s courage. And all these subjects are brilliantly unfolded in the narrative “In Another Country” by Ernest Hemingway. which is under consideration. Hemingway is an American writer of the twentieth century. who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954. The 1s of his celebrated plants include The Sun Besides Rises. A Farewell to Arms. The Old Man and The Sea. The popularity of Hemingway’s is based on the subjects. which are love. war. wilderness and loss. all of which are strongly apparent in the organic structure of work.

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The rubric of the narrative is perplexing. as it has two significances: direct and indirect 1. At first glimpse. “In Another Country. ” refers to the fact that the American storyteller is so in a foreign land-Italy. But the other side of it is that the chief hero is culturally. emotionally in another state. He is at War. the state of the ‘so-called’ illness and wounding. Now allow me give you the brief Reconstruction of the events. It was fall in Milan. a group of soldiers wounded in World War I received intervention at a infirmary.

There. one of the chief characters. the storyteller of the narrative. wounded in his articulatio genus. saw three Italian soldiers. but felt a great wall between him and them. because he had received his decoration for being an American. and they really performed efforts of courage to have theirs. Another chief character. the major with the shriveled manus taught him Italian. One twenty-four hours. the major became angry when Nick references about matrimony. he burst out. because the major’s married woman had merely died. The major could non vacate himself to the loss of his married woman.

He was crushed. shattered by the intelligence. While reading the narrative we can province several key-points. which help us to understand and analyse the context. And the chief of them. to my head are war and courage. First. allow me brood upon the courage. The attitude towards courage is different in footings of the characters of the narrative. The personality of the storyteller is described indirectly. through his ideas. He wasn’t a courageous adult male during the war. “I was really much afraid to die… and inquiring how I would be when I went back to the forepart again’ .

As for the three soldiers. there was no impression of the courage in the marks of any of these individuals. The storyteller calls them “hunting hawks” . They were runing for decorations. stuff values. given by the authorities. non for the religion. The attitude of the supporter and the soldiers are besides specific due to attitude towards the war. so was the major. We get to cognize from the narrative that they are Italian. They are really loyal people. and their responsibility was to protect their state. as the war was on their district.

And the storyteller was merely an American. Let me cite: “I had been given the decorations because I was an American…being wounded. after all. was truly an accident. ” He didn’t understand why people die. what they fought for. The job of the ‘lost generation’ arises here. The fact is that Americans were apathetic to the war. Their purpose was merely to take part and being wounded. As the consequence. the relationship between the storyteller and the soldiers were specific. Let me cite: “I was a friend. but I was ne’er truly one of them… they have done different things to acquire their medals” . “I wasn’t a hawk” .

As for the major. he didn’t believe in courage at at. And Through his loss we understand that for the storyteller the major was the bravest adult male of all. as he possessed a strong head and tried to get by with his feelings like a brave soldier. We are to acknowledge that the writer uses different stylistic device. what makes the narrative more expressive. captivating and interesting to read. First of all it is the use of foreign words. for case “Signor Maggiore” . “A basso gliufficiali! ” . which reflect the Italian ambiance. where the action takes topographic point.

Other stylistic device is symbolism. which. to my head. prevalent in this narrative. The retrieving machines are the symbol of false promises and hopes. I quote: “… there were big framed photograps around the wall. of all kinds of lesions before and after they had been cured by the machines… I do non cognize where the physician got them” . and this symbol besides implicate with sarcasm. e. g. “You will be able to play football once more better than ever” . Other symbols. “roasted chestnuts” . “charcoal fire” . are the hopes for the better. because they mean light and heat.

The narrative makes usage of repeat to stress the narrative “In the autumn the war was ever there” . “It was cold in the autumn in Milan and the dark came really early. ” He repeats this thought with a somewhat different accent at the terminal of the paragraph: “It was a cold autumn and the air current came down from the mountains. ” This description of nature here is besides instead symbolic. It makes me experience the ambiance of decease and hopelessness. In decision I can state that it is smth bloody and sad. But through all these catastrophes we are to remain worlds and courage 1s. The war will complete. but the human nature is ageless.

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