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Importance of Sports in the Lives of Students Paper

Students of today are the future of tomorrow. They are just like young trees that need all the good values to help them grow well, which is why, there should be a balance in every aspects, from education, food, medication as well as sports and games. Sports in life offers an opportunity to take their mind of the boredom of daily life and busy schedule. The importance of sports and games in a student’s life are, it improves health, help students to distress, teaches cooperation, helps socialize and widens knowledge and skills. Sports and games are said to improve one’s health. Why is it so? It is obvious that the involvement of sports are more to physical movements. Sweating during playing sports or games is an indication that the body is excreting all the toxic inside one’s body. In this way, it will also results in a better blood circulation. If this is continued to be done three times a week for 30 minutes per session, a student will become physically fit and eventually obtain a healthier body. Playing sports and games is also an excellent solution especially for students who suffer from insomnia because it helps them to get good quality sleep.

Moreover, playing sports and games are a great way for students to escape from stressful routine of their daily life. This is also known as distressing. Stress can be release through playing sports and games which are loved by most students or teenagers. When the students enjoy doing it, without realizing they are actually helping themselves lower their stress level. As a result, students will become mentally fit and would be able to focus in order to be more optimistic rather than thinking about unnecessary problems. Other than that, playing sports and games also teach students to cooperate. Involving in sports and games with a group of people will make students understand the value of teamwork. Examples of sports played in group are, basketball, volleyball, hockey and football. It is n…

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