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Imperialism Essay

Imperialism has been used many times throughout history. Some people believe that imperialism has had a positive influence on our world's history. While others believe it is negative. I agree that imperialism has been negative to our world.
With most negative situations, there are usually a few positive points. In this case, I believe that the negative aspects over ride the positive. When a country took over another country, the burden of taxation was increased. It was hard for the people of these countries to pay their taxes and be able to provide themselves with their personal needs. This left many families in debt with the government.
Another negative effect was the destruction of religion and native cultures. When Britain moved into Africa to take over, they changed the school systems to teach British culture to all the students. Eventually, this reduced much of the African culture. Before Canada was colonized by the French and British, Natives were the only people to occupy it. Once they had the Natives under their control, they took away most of their rights, traditions and culture.
Also, exploitation of cheaper labour arose in many countries, especially in the Congo. Workers were expected to work for next to nothing, which was barely enough to provide them with food. Labour was not an option in these countries. Natives, along with many other races, (not including the white people) were forced to work like this. If workers could not meet their quota for the day, they were abused severely, no matter age nor gender.
I believe imperialism has had a bad influence on our world's history. The negative results largely out weigh the positives; therefore I would have to disagree with the article published in last weeks edition of this newspaper as it appeared to be greatly one-sided. Thank you for your time, I hope this has helped many of you in viewing both sides of this topic.

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