Imperialism is when one country expands its "empire" by conquering another land and establishing a colonial setup with them.In my opinion, the answer to this question would be no. The United States is a nation that complained about tyranny for years, and tried to break away from its mother country, Great Britain.
According to the given documents, five out of seven felt that imperialism was all right as long as the United States was doing it. These comments came from "educated" people, who were doing what "God" wanted.

Using the notion of God to conquer another man's nation is evidently corrupt, and any God fearing man would understand that.
The document I find amusing is by far document number one."It seems to me that God, with infinite wisdom and skill, is training the Anglo-Saxon race for an hour sure to come in the world's future…this race of unequaled energy, with all the majesty of numbers and might of wealth behind it…" I'll break it down before continuing.

It appears to me that God, felt Imperialism was right, "with infinite wisdom and skill", basically flatters the followers of imperialism and other similar ideas like slavery, "is training the Anglo-Saxon race for an hour sure to come in the world's future", supposedly God is an all loving being and would not single out one race to rule the world.Basically any further information that "Rev.

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Josiah Strong" would have made inferences to Imperialism would be better known as " rationalization".This is a case where a person makes up some false reason (in this case, God training the Anglo-Saxon race to rule the world) to control their conscious, while they are knowingly committing a horrible act.
Rev. Strong's statement's isn't valid in my eyes and isn't saying anything productive.
Document two is more rational, and identified as writ…

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