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Immigration:Now and Then Essay

Immigrant today and immigrants of the early 1900's have several obvious differences, but still come to the United States for one under lying reason. They come from different countries than they used to. Immigrants also have a more difficult time legally making it across the border. The largest similarity is that both immigrants in the 1900's and today come to the United States for economic improvement.
The largest difference between immigrants of the 1900's and today is the countries they come from. In the 1900's most immigrants came from Europe. A small percentage came from Asia followed by an even smaller amount from Mexico and Cuba. Today it is exactly the opposite. A large amount of people immigrate from Mexico and Cuba followed by Asia and the a small percentage from Europe.
Another large difference between immigrants of the 1900's and today is thedifficulty to legally get across the border. In the 1900's immigrants came to Ellis Island and were given a very brief "exam". If they passed they were let into the United States. Today people have to pass through four inspections: public health, immigration, agriculture, and customs to be admitted to the United States.
The largest similarity between immigration today and in the 1900's is that no matter what country you come from you come here to improve your economic standing. In the 1900's many immigrant were religiously and politically oppressed, which kept them from gaining any sort of property or wealth. Europeans would come to America for religious freedom and hopes of economic stability. Today in Mexico, while people aren't religiously oppressed, they experience a weak economy which forces many people to live in poverty. As a result many Mexicans immigrate to America to find some economic security.
In conclusion the main differences between immigrants of today and the 1900&apos

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