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Immigration – Blessing Or Curse Essay

Canada is currently one of the most prominent host of immigrants in the world.In fact, Canada is the leading country that accepts people from all over the globe.There are approximately 250,000 people immigrating to Canada each year which is about 0.8 percent of Canada's total population.Canada would not be where it is today without the huge contributions made by the immigrants for our home and native land.Immigration has become an important part of Canada in many ways, including economically, socially and culturally and Canada should be thankful for its immigrants.
The history of Canadian immigration dates back centuries when Europeansfirst arrived and settled here.They brought their cultures, religions and languages with them and changed Canada forever.Thefirst Immigration Act was passed in 1869, two years after Confederation."Since Confederation, about 15 million people have immigrated to Canada." Immigrants from Europe flowed in during late 19th century and early 20th century.These people established themselves in towns and cities and provided labour for factories, mines and lumber camps.Some settled in the prairies as farmers and grew wheat.Africans came to Canada to escape from slavery in the U.S. through the Underground Railroad when slavery ended in Canada.Chinese and Japanese came here too and they settled in British Columbia.
After the World Wars, there was in influx of refugees from Europe and more immigrants arrived from the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific Rim.These people helped develop our peacetime economy."In 1992, people from more than 200 different countries came to Canada." Most of them were Asians, Africans, and South and Central Americans.In the past 50 years, immigrants have come to Canada for a better life and flee civil wars, political unrest, and natural disasters."Nowadays, most new immigrants come to Canada from the following countrie…

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