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Immigration Acts Essay

Essay Topic:

How did institutions and individuals in the United States react to the arrival of immigrants?
Institutions took advantage of the immigration wave due to the fact that labor was cheaper and now there were people willing to do the dirty work of canal and railroad building, mining, domestic and factory work.Causing the individuals of the United States to lower their standards and the fear of different languages, religions and political beliefs thought to be extreme.Immigrants are seen as a threat to the American culture, economy and society.Blame was set on immigrants for the slum neighborhoods and was believed to have chosen their own destiny.
Nativism was taken into effect meaning immigrants were seen as politically and socially inferior. A group which only supported native-born Protestants for office and lobbied for a twenty-one year waiting period for naturalization as well as fighting political power of the Roman Catholic Church. Action was taken into the hands of the Americans by leading riots and attacks.The Order of Star-Spangled Banner emerged. Order of Star-Spangled Banner later reorganized as the Know-Nothing Group.When asked about Nativist activity members would reply, "I know nothing!" hence the name.The Know-Nothing Group urged to restrict immigrants right to vote and hold public office, which was a result of the growth of Anti-Catholic sentiment.Due to the belief that the Pope directed the decision of the Roman Catholics.
Political action was taken by the government, Acts that were passed included the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882 Exclusion Act, 1917 Immigration Act, 1921 Immigration Act/Emergency Quota Act, and the 1924 Immigration Act.
1882 Chinese Exclusion Act – denied citizenship to those born in China and stopped legal immigration of Chinese laborers.
1882 Exclusion Act – excludes convicts, lunatics, idiots, or persons likely to become a public charge and places a head…

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