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Immigration Essay

Essay Topic:

The dawn of American history was clouded with racism and justified by the flourishing economic growth that the elite thrived upon.From the beginning, the American settler "embraced a sense of mission".They were chosen by god to secure this new world and make it their own. These settlers believed that humans were created in the image of the lord. It is not only natural but necessary that this new world would reflect their own self image and rich heritage.Their strong belief in manifest destiny would be fulfilled no matter what the cost or the loss of life.This ideal of manifest destiny was propagated by ideological and economic change, while involving the cultural and physical transformation of the terrain.
In order to create a unified country with the white males' interest as a priority it was deemed necessary to use the "lesser" races as stepping stones in order to fulfill ones destiny.The white male must control the country by any means necessary.This group of elite individuals were aware that money is power and they would use this power to continue the legacy of white supremacy.The early colonists had little to differentiate when it came to race.They had white and black, the introduction of Asians and other races posed a threat to the countries racist capitalistic government.Essentially the whites modified the law so that instead of having white and black they had white and non-white.Once the law was setup it was necessary to keep the non-whites from unifying.By eliminating ones culture, one can then build a controlled national identity, thus preserving capitalism and personal interest.The best way to ensure governmental control was to use their power to break up the family structure, in order to better influence the younger generation thus eliminating the culture.If the government could control and program these young minds they could establish the social norms of the future.T…

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