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Immigration Essay

Essay Topic:

My general topic is immigration in the United states. The reason I decided to pick this as my general topic is because I have seen and heard many stories about how the Immigrants in this country scam the government for a good amount of money. However, them ripping the government off is only part of the main problem. Its the fact that they are practically exempt from any taxes for thefirst 7 years in the country that has caught my attention the most. This basically means owning there own company is like a walk in the park. When people that have lived here in the United States who work hard and save their money for years trying to own there own company nearly impossible. I know that everyone deserves a chance, and that its hard for people that are coming from a different country, but I think that were going a little to far. The immigrant should have a break but not so that they have it easier than the people who are working hard to accomplish a dream of having their own coffee shop or whatever the store may be. To support both sides of my topic I will be using the library which has proved to have all the resources I need to complete the paper. My paper will be focusing on the tax laws for immigration. My thesis statement at the moment is, Is the United States going to far in trying to help immigrants get economically started? In case it seems like I'm being a little one sided I will also be focusing on how hard it is coming from a poorer country, or just a country with different cultures. My research will take about a month considering there is a lot of information when talking about a topic that seems to be a concern of many hard working Americans.
What is the main problem with Immigration?
When were these immigration laws created?
How did the American publicfirst respond to those laws?

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