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Immigration Essay

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For many Americans, the word "immigration" conjures up an image of poor, uneducated Mexicans scuttling across the border to find minimum wage jobs and opportunities for a better future. Recent polls showed that immigration is highly unpopular with many U.S. citizens. Most of those polled believe that immigration is harmful and unnecessary in our society. Although the conception of immigrants and immigration as a whole is unfavorable in the view of the American public, the reason for this stems from the shortage of job opportunities for domestic workers because of the immigrant workers. However, I believe that immigrants, instead of harming the U.S. society, are largely contributing to its economy as well as to the culture.
The opponents of immigration reveal that a major concern among U.S. citizens is that immigrants tend to take jobs from American workers. The fear is understandable but misplaced. A more sensible statement would be that immigrants take jobs that Americans do not really want at the going rate. Besides just taking unwanted jobs, immigrants also create their own jobs. One way is by starting new businesses. According to David Masci, the writer of "Debate on Immigration," immigrants are often forced to develop entrepreneurial skills necessitating from a lack of social and economic status, and are thus more likely to take bigger risks in terms of starting their own businesses, as they often have less to lose than established citizens (571). By starting new businesses, foreigners are creating even more jobs by putting back into the economy the money that they earn.
In addition, there is the revenue, which they create for other companies when they spend their earnings. According to American Immigration Law Foundation," A 1998 study conducted by the National Immigration Forum and the Cato Institute found that immigrant households and businesses provide $162 billion per year in tax revenu

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