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Immigration Essay

Immigrants changed the way life was in the United States when they arrived. Immigration to the United States took place in the late 1800's and the early 1900's. Immigrants were disliked by many Americans the minute they were spotted. This was only because they were different than any otherperson that an American has seen before. Yes, immigrants were different and they did take jobs for very low pay although they didn't know any better when they came, but they meant no harm. Although as soon as they came to America they thought that they would immediately become rich. They were soon proved wrong. Immigration in the United States has had both positive and negative effects on the immigrant and on life in the United States.
There were many positive and negative effects on immigrating to the United States. For example as a negative effect immigrants came over in the steerage of the ship. The steerage is the bottom of the ship where it is dirty and wet from leakage. Another negative effect on the immigrant is that immigrant children disliked their culture according to document 2.
Children didn't want individuality they wanted to be like any American kid.
They also didn't want to be made fun of because of the way they looked or talked etc. These are just two of the many negative effects that immigrants
Went through as they were completely changing their lives.There weren't just negative effects that immigrants went through all the time there were some positive ones also. First of all immigrants weren't just disliked, they were fond of by some Americans for political reasons according to document 3 when one man states "you bring me votes." Another positive effect is that immigrant children could get somewhat of an education according to document 1, but not all children. Although immigrants were worst off than better off because of their jobs, families, health and not to mention living c…

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