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Immigrants and the American Dream Essay

The American dream of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century was predominantly marked by wealth. Immigrants who came to America to start a new life and live the America dream had disadvantages. Immigrants have a harder time in achieving the American dream compared to Americans. Americans already had a head start in accomplishing the American dream. The competitiveness took the place of cooperation as Americans and Immigrants fought to control the development and seize the wealth of their reconstructing country. Immigrants would leave their native country to become wealthy. Immigrants knew that migrating to America would give them the best opportunity to live the American dream. Immigrants would define the American dream as being wealthy. With the industrial revolution rising, immigrants were looking to work in factories along with railroads.The industrial revolution changed everything for Immigrants looking for jobs.

Immigrants who came to America to work and looked to start a new life were interested in working in factories. America was going through the industrial revolution at this point in time. They knew that migrating to America would give them the best chance to live the American dream because of the jobs and money that came along with the industrial revolution. Immigrants who wanted to live the American dream, looked to be like the Americans by getting jobs and eventually becoming wealthy. Factory jobs were really popular and immigrants were trying to take Americans jobs and primarily stealing American dreams. Although working in a factory was an over working under paid jobs, immigrants knew that this was the best way to become wealthy. They knew that working and making money was the key to the American dream. Historians have said that everyone can accomplish the American dream as long as you work hard at it. The Immigrants disproved that statement because of their disadvantages in accomplishing the American…

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