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Immigrant Experienes Essay

Article Review – Letters from an American Farmer
In this Article the Farmer wants to know the feeling of an Englishman when hefirst time set foot in America. The main reason the Englishman Have come to America is due to the condition prevailing in England .These refuges are coming to very modern society which is free from lords, Bishops, Kings courts etc. No one in the society has the at most power to rule one and all. In short everyone in the society has the right to live their lives in the manner they wish to. He compares medieval England to America, in England a person traveling by road would see hostel castle and haughty mansion which suggest the power in few hands in contrast in America small clay built hut and miserable cabin, where cattle and me live together. All This suggest the simplicity of those times. The Farmer regards his society as the most perfect in the world in which men are free and equal. The refuges have come from all over Europe but over the period of time these mixture of people will become new breed of people know as American. The farmer wonder that these refuges who have come from countries where they had nothing of their own can they call England or any kingdom as their own Country. In America these refuges would be reborn they would follow new laws, new mode of living, new social system. In their country of birth they were just know as mere poor peoplewho were good for nothing but in America they would be proud citizen.
The farmer also talks about the attachment these European emigrants have towards America. All these people left behind their ancient prejudices and started excepting the new mode of life, the new government and started obeying the law of the land. This new country has given them land; bread, protection and consequently all emigrants have just one motto "ubi patria". Here individuals of all different countries are melted into a new race of people, whose labor a…

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