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immanuel kant in LD Essay

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Born in Konigsberd in East Prussia on April 22, 1724, Immanuel Kant has been one of the most influential philosophers in the history of Western philosophy. His contributions to metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics have had a dynamic impact on almost every philosophical movement that took place in the post Kant era. He began the early stages of his life at school of philosophy at the University of Konigsberg, where he studied the philosophy of Wolff and the mathematics and physics of Newton. Having spent most of his life as a university professor, he did not receive fame and recognition till his late fifties. His critical philosophy is what he was best known for. His Critical philosophy is divided into three portions: Critique of Pure Reason, Critique of Practical Reason, and Critique of Judgment.
For 15 years after he obtained his doctorate, he taught at University of Kongsberg, lecturingfirst on science and mathematics, but gradually expanding his studies in almost all forms of philosophy. Having a very unorthodox religious teaching, which were based on rationalism rather than revelation, in 1792 king Frederick William II, forbid him to teach or write on religious subjects. After the death of the King, not feeling obligating any longer, Kant published a summary of his religious views.
At the age of 46, Kant read the writings of a Scottish philosopher David Hume. Hume criticized and greatly disliked all metaphysics. Not agreeing totally with the works of David Hume, Kant decided to write his own critiques.Kant in 1781 released Critique of Pure Reason, in which Kant attempts to prove, that although our knowledge is derived from experience, it is possible to have knowledge of objects in advance of experience. Meaning that rather than learning from mistakes, we should already know the problems and complications associated with the situation, so we do not make that mistake in the fist place.
Kant saw that there…

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