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Imigration Essay

For many, immigration to the United States during the late 19th to early 20th century would be a new beginning to a prosperous life. However there were many acts and laws past to limit the influx of immigrants, do to prejudice, such as the Chinese Exclusion Act. Later on into the 20th century there would be laws repealing the older immigration laws and acts making it possible for many more foreigners to immigrate to the United States. Even with the new acts and laws that banned the older ones, no one can just walk right in and become a citizen. One must go through several examinations and tests before he or she can earn their citizenship.One man who has experienced immigrating into the United States is Charles B. Wang, an immigrant from China that has made himself a multibillion-dollar fortune in the computer industry.The Chinese Americans who originally faced extreme racism on the west cost are spread across the nation today and most have kept their culture.
Many immigration laws and acts were placed against foreigners to control the influx of immigrants arriving on the American shores. Thefirst of these was the Chinese Exclusion Act of May 6, 1882. (3,1098) Although directly affecting only a small group, it was the turning point of the U.S. immigration policies.Prior to this act no significant number of free immigrants had been barred from the country. Once the Chinese Exclusion Act had been placed, further limitations on the immigration of ethnic groups became standard procedure for more than eight decades .(3,1098) Since the arrival of thefirst Chinese Immigrants, racist hostility towards the Chinese always existed. (3,342)They were predominantly male laborers, concentrated in California. (3,342) They were vital to thedevelopment of western mining, transportation, and agriculture.(3,342) By 1876 enough political pressure existed to cause a congressional investigation. (3,342) An 1880 treaty gave the United State…

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