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Imagist poetry

time period in which the imagist movement was established.

ezra pound
one of imagists founders

direct presentation of images using a limited amount of words
what imagist poems concentrated on

freeze a moment, capture its emotions
what imagist poems hoped to do

what imagist poems appealed to

superfluous words, adjectives, abstractions
what imagist poets shouldn’t use.

what lines in imagist poems should do

what the faces in a crowd are called in “in a station of the metro.”

faces are fleeting
what the apparition comparison suggests

petals on a wet, black bough
another comparison made in “metro”

the tone in “metro”

william carlos williams
author of “the red wheelbarrow”, “the great figure” and “this is just to say”

beauty, power, significance
what an ordinary detail of everyday life can have

taste, touch, and feel
what “this is just to say” appeals to

what “this is just to say” intends to do

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