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Imaginative: Propects Of The World War Essay

Essay Topic:

Purpose- To inform people what the outcome could be, if there is war against Iraq
As the world mourns the second year after nine-eleven, George W Bush puts fear into the world as he declares war on Iraq. Saddam Hussein denied allegations of connections with terrorist and did not cooperate in disarming his artillery, but prepared for war. Bush went on with his actions without UN support and tried to unite his allies for this expectation of the War On Terror.
George .W Bush rallied twenty five thousand troops to be sent to the gulf, whilst the UN held a conference in Thailand under tight security as hundreds of protesters protested about the war and blood shed. Nation debated about the possibility of war on Iraq. Many of the Asian countries had disagreed with it, while the U.S Secretary of State, Collin Powell released a statement from President Bush, "We, the United States of America will put a stop to Saddam. He has not disarmed his weapons of mass destruction. So we will do it for him, whether or not we have got the support of neither the world, nor the U.N, because we can do it. God bless America."
There was a high level of activity around the Iraq boarder, as President Bush made thefirst move to storm into Iraq as England's Prime Minster, Tony Blair sent twenty thousand soldiers into Iraq as support for America. A brutal war broke out when troops swiftly moved into an assumed Chemical Weapons Plant, resulting in casualties on both sides. Iraq soldiers went into full throttle; bring out the entire chemical weapons they had denied. The Westerners fought strategically, as where Iraq depended on cowardly suicide attacks. Excessive protesting and riots broke out all over the world as this war went on. It became a record as upon millions and millions marched for peace in the world. Australia stood firm and supported the decision

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