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Image and Reality Essay

Essay Topic:

Image and Reality
In the years since the thousand days many questions have been raised and are still being studied about John F. Kennedy. A Life of John F. Kennedy: A Question of Character is a book written by Thomas C. Reeves, in which Reeves discusses these issues. JFK was a great man, and yet there are still some things that one must take into consideration. His morality was always somewhat of an uncertainty; be that as it may, these questions are still not openly discussed. People were always taken aback by his personality, good looks, and youth. After his death, it was quite difficult for most people to accept some of the newly discovered negative information about him. The man meant so much to some people that it was impossible to say something less than perfect. But all the same, facts can not be denied.
While one may think that each is responsible for his or her actions, that is not always the case. Much of Jack's character develops and originates from his family. He applied these beliefs to his life as well as his presidency. His great grandfather Joseph Kennedy's indifference toward people, and the will to do anything to get what he wants, helped to shape much of the character in the entire Kennedy line. Inferior treatment of women also originated from this source.
The lacking of a sufficient background as well as a good role model helped shape much of Kennedy's negative characteristics. This was reflected in most of his decisions, as a result.So therefore, diversity between Kennedy's presidential appearance, and his private life of scandals, was unmistakable. His indifference to the values of proper judgement, unselfishness, and sincerity to his wife and work was also reflected in his ability to make thought out decisions. Though interesting enough, his greatest talent was the ability to manipulate himself well enough that it appeared as though he contained the quali…

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