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iliad books 1 and 2 Essay

Essay Topic:

Thefirst book begins with the description of the Danaans' situation. It is the tenth year of the war, and an important incident occurs: Achilles decides to give up fighting against the Trojans, because of the way he was treated by Agamemnon. The reader is informed for what led to this position, through narrations and flash – backs: after a battle at Thebe, "the sacred city of Eetion", the Achaians took prophet's Chryses daughter to offer as a gift to Agamemnon. Chryses begged the Achaians to give him his daughter back but they wouldn't. So he begged the god Apollo for his help, and the god, being extremely fond to the prophet, listened to his prayers and cursed the Achaians who suddenly were infected by plague. Gods informed them that this happened because of the terrible way Agamemnon answered Chryses' requests. If the Achaians decided to give Chrysies back to her father, then the plague and all their other problems would disappear instantly. Agamemnon, quite bothered by this news decided to do so for the sake of his men, in condition that he would be offered another girl replacing Chrysies, and he asked specifically for the one accompanying Achilles. Achilles is informed by the Gods that if he does so, all the problems of the Danaans will disappear. Although he obeys, he decides not to fight anymore.
Briseis, the girl accompanying Achilles atfirst, holds an important role. She is both the solution to the problems between the Achaians and the God Apollo, and the motive for the terrible fight between two of the main characters and heroes of the Achaian army, Agamemnon and Achilles. After her donation to Agamemnon, Achilles makes up his mind: he was abused and shall not fight anymore.
If the terms "good guy – bad guy" can be used, then we may say that Agamemnon is the bad guy. He is acting as if he is god, he wants his will to be always heard and obeye

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