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IGCSE English Paper 3 Model answers BY Anusha291098 Description of a sunny day:- The freshly watered grass gleams as if it were dotted with sparkling diamonds in the late afternoon day. Beautiful, wild flowers grow untamed and uncultivated on one side of the field while on the other side trees covered the perimeter as far as the eyes could see. A silent stream trickles gently through the clean-cut rocks placed in middle of the field, divided the field into two.

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Not many knew where to find this sun-dappled, thereal beauty of God’s private chapel and those who did, did not dare to come here for the fear of getting lost from the clearly marked trail.

As I lay down on the soft grass I cannot help but wonder how silly people can be, staying away from this beautiful gift provided by nature itself, but at the same time I’m glad for the privacy.

I place one hand in the stream and watch the water run thorough my fingers, shimmering magically in the fierce sun.

Though it seems like I’m not the only one njoying this paradise, a shadow looms over me blocking the radiant sun rays. I look up to see a family of four; two parents and their two children trekking in the woods. They mustVe been lost, from the look of their faces. Tear paths show clearly on their mud cover faces and they break out in big smiles when they see me.

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I stand up, and the mother starts talking, explaining how they got lost in the woods that morning after having wandered what they thought a few meters away from the trail.

I quickly ive them my canister of orange Juice, which they quickly gulp down hungrily. After theyVe calmed down considerably I give them directions to the highway where theyVe left their car. They thank me profusely and leave with the extra map and compass I always keep with me. What an interesting day! , I think to myself. The sun retreats below the rim of the turning world, creating an aura of mystery and magic. Indigo hues deepen around the mesmerizing and occasionally surprising field that IVe come to love in the few years IVe known it.

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Igcse English Paper 3 Sample Answers
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