Does denying global warming’s existence mean that humans can continue tit their wasteful ways? After all of the arguments, debating and disagreements, is global warming real? Its existence is undeniable. The real question is, are human-beings the cause of global warming? Imagine having to separate your garbage into 3 different boxes rather than 1 . This simple task would undoubtedly require a bit more effort on our behalf, and to be frank, no one likes to do extra work. We fail to believe that global warming is caused by us knowing that we would have to make changes in our lifestyles that could potentially require more effort.

Was it in elementary school that we learned about the water cycle, about how one thing affects the next? Similarly, global warming is but a chain of events in which humans are heavily involved.

People cannot simply burn immense quantities of fossil fuels in hopes that there will be no after-effects. In fact, the repercussions of all of this industrialization can be seen through the form of air pollution which consists of carbon dioxide (CA).

Factories burn fossil fuels and simultaneously release pollutants in the air; hence, man-made CA is formed. Since the pre-industrial era, man-made CA has increased by a third tit a consequential change in global temperatures. By creating this man- made CA, the carbon cycle has been disrupted and the excess CA is becoming cumulative.

As a result, the natural carbon exchange is unable to absorb this additional carbon dioxide. We are unable to see the truth even when it is right before us.

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Only a crazy person would think that global temperatures are the same as they were 1 00 years ago. Statistics show that the average global temperatures in the 1 8805 were approximately 14 degrees Celsius. Global temperatures within the past decade have been climbing as high as 15 degrees Celsius.

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Throughout the years, the rate of warming has increased, and to most people’s horror, has occurred within the span of a few decades. Scientists have not been fretting over a minor global temperature change, but the fact that temperatures have increased during such a short period of time. The famous Medieval Warming Period occurred from 700 AD to 1250. The drastic temperature increases occurred within approximately 4 centuries. Comparatively, global temperatures have risen by over 1 degree Fahrenheit within a single century.

Surely you can see the severity of the situation within these simple statistics. The world is changing. Humans continue to alter the planet’s self-regulating systems, and these actions will be reflected by the lack of resources in the future. Some have dedicated their entire lives to the study of global warming in order to prove that it is very much existent, and not the myth which it is perceived to be. The main cause behind all of these changes is carbon emissions.

Carbon emissions have been high enough to increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to current levels of approximately 390 parts per million. This is an increase of 75 parts per million room 1960 when it was estimated at 31 5 parts per million. We are exhausting the Earth’s atmosphere and tampering with what was supposed to remain untouched. In your essay about global warming, you stated that “temperatures declined from 1 940 to 1 980” and “by the 1 dad’s temperatures appeared to have reversed”. However, it can be observed from global climate charts that the temperatures between 1 940 and 1980 were, as a matter of fact, fluctuating.

On the other hand, temperatures from 1980 to present day have only increased and have shown absolutely no signs of cooling. In other words, the lobar temperatures in 1940 to 1980 were not declining, but were slightly rising and falling. Some may believe that global warming is yet another one of the world’s phases. If so, are they ready to abuse our planet until it finally exceeds exhaustion? Like everything else in the world, the Earth has its limits. By continually releasing large amounts Of CA into the planes atmosphere, we are not only having an impact on global temperatures, but on nature as a whole.

Temperatures will increase and glaciers will melt. The vast forms of wildlife in the Arctic will inevitably suffer due to this.

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