Igc 3 Main Findings Of The Inspection

Sample Practical application (IGC3) NE-BOSH INTERNATIONAL GENERAL CERTIFICATE IGC3 – THE HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICATION Candidate’s observation sheet Sheet number 1 of 5 Student name: G Gardner Student number: Place inspected: Education Development Date of Inspection centre Observation Risk Control measures Timescale Hazards and Consequences Immediate and longer – term actions 1. Risk of vehicles speeding and causing road traffic accidents due to poor signage on access roads to school and main buildings. Inform school workers and parents f speed limits on access roads.

Fix temporary speed limit signs. Re-paint speed signs on road. 2. Risk of traffic accident due to narrow sharp bend on access road to rear car park. Immediately 1 month Monitor the wear and damage to painted signs during site inspection Email all school workers to increase awareness. Get the school managers to contact parents. Yearly 1 – 2 months 3. Risk of traffic accident due to undesignated car parking in several areas that prevent vision of road and cause driving over footpaths to reach these areas.

Change observation mirror to large ne.

Erect signs warning of sharp bends. Monitor effects of measures. Look into feasibility of installing traffic light system. Every 6 months 4. Risk of trip due to potholes in surface of footpath Inform school workers by email not to park in undesignated areas. Erect bollards where possible. Erect no parking signs. Site maintenance team to monitor and issue warning letter to offenders. Discuss with Human Resources manager. 2 months On – going Barrier off around affected area. Erect warning sign. Repair / resurface footpath. -2 months Monitor the surface condition of all ootpaths on site during site Yearly inspection Key: Risk: H=High, M=Medium, L=Low.

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Actions: Immediate, M=Medium, L=Long term. N/a= Not applicable. Sheet number 2 of 5 5. Risk of electric shock from active communication mast due to missing padlock from gates and electrical hazard warning signs at the access gates. Monitor all access steps for damage during site inspection Review security in reception area. Install panic alarm. Attend training. Review work patterns causing lone working. Initiate test protocols for security Ensure fuse board is closed and locked.


Accessed by competent workers only. 5 Years Maintenance team to monitor 5 yearly inspections and testing. Barrier off with warning sign. 2 – 3 months Replace tape. Same day 10. Risk to health by exposure to asbestos by report showing location of asbestos in stair nosing and floor tiles plus regular inspection. Concrete repairs to steps. 6 months 9. Risk of trip due to worn tape around access hatch in floor in main corridor Arrange on – going inspection of mast security and that warning signs stay in good condition Apply hazard tape to worn parts of step. 3 month / Continual .

Risk of Electrocution or fire controlled by main fuse board in small hall corridor being located in secure cupboard and having 5 yearly inspections and testing. Fit permanent electrical hazard signs. Monitor to ensure gates are padlocked, particularly after maintenance worker visits. 7. Risk to personal safety of receptionist due to lone working. Lock gates, fit temporary electrical hazard sign. damaged concrete step leading to reception and school pathway. Administration manager to monitor tape for wear. Ensure locations of asbestos are also recorded in asbestos risk egister.

Inspection of area for damage. Keep asbestos report for reference and provide details in asbestos risk register to contractors. On-going Monthly 11. Risk of upper limb injury / eye strain due to unsuitable, non-adjustable chair for display screen equipment (DSE) user in general office. Carry out regular reassessments of display screen equipment workstations and workers. Tape down cables Provide portable rubber covers for cables. Consider relocating sockets to avoid need to trail cable. Relocate sockets where possible. Continue to monitor where cables re situated and monitor for damage.

Ensure training is carried out with workers. Email workers to warn of the fire risk, look for temporary storage for document folders. 3 – 6 months Erect suitable shelving to store files on. Ensure workers undertake fire awareness training. 1 months 14. Risk of falling due to working on an insecure short ladder during lone working in store cupboard. Ensure workers are complying with your display screen equipment use policy. 3 weeks 13. Risk to fire due to many document folders stored under desks in education workers ffice, next to electrical sockets and cables.

Ensure workstations are assessed for suitability for all new workers and carry out online risk awareness training. 12. Risk of trip due to trailing cables of many portable appliances in general office i. e. fans, electric heaters and paper shredders. Monitor on-going for correct storage and fire risks. Ensure workers have annual updates Email workers to warn them of the potential hazards. Carry out risk assessment for working on ladders. ‘Use of ladders’ training to be carried out. Continue to monitor work practices with ladders.

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Igc 3 Main Findings Of The Inspection
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