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If I became President Essay

The changes that I am going to do for this country if I was elected President is that I'm not going to have any more military go into Iraq. I would try to clear up the war so there would not be any more soldiers dying and being stranded out there for months or even years. I do not like the way they are just being thrown into another country that they don't even know anything about. So if I was elected President I would be saving lives and would be helping many families from not suffering about there loved ones so far away.
I would use the constitutional power to help me clear up the war in Iraq. So we would also have peace within the two countries. The way I would do this is that I would need senate consent that I would have to name the most top-ranking officers of the federal government. With all of the others they would vote for it and then be sent back to the senate for the finale confirmation. This is how I would have to use the constitutional power to help me clear up the war.
The proper role of the president in the American political system is that the constitution makes the president the commander in chief of the nation's armed forces. Even though the congress shares the war powers, the presidents position in military affairs is as dominant as it is in the field of foreign affairs. The Presidents powers as commander in chief are almost without limit.
The president's cabinets that I would need to use for clearing up the war idea is that I would need to talk to the Secretary of State and the Defense of State to get permission to even start to do anything about changing something about the war.So these are the presidents cabinets that I would go through to change the war status and to get the military out of Iraq.
I am going to impact the National Security Council by asking them how are we going to come up to this kind of situation and change the war effort. T

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