I Wish I Married A Rich Man

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Merlin gives women instructions on how to marry rich. She gives insight on the drawbacks and perks of marrying rich men. Through the use of ellipsis and flashbacks, as well as allusions and diction, Merlin is able to do this. Throughout the article, Merlin uses ellipsis and dashes to enhance the dramatic qualities of her work. It causes the reader to pause and reflect what Merlin has Just said, such as this statement: “… None of my wealthy suitors had much in the way of animal magnetism?or even plain old magnetism.

” The men she had dated were rich, UT they were also hit by the ugly stick.

She also uses a reference of Queen Victoria. Merlin wishes she would have met her early in her life, stating: “… She could have set me straight. ” Merlin, in a sense, regrets her decision on not marrying rich. Money, as it seems, can buy happiness. Merlin also references the works of other authors, such as Molly Gong-Fast.

Molly recognizes that wealthy men, who also have looks, have attractive wives who “… Tend to be long and sparkly with beautiful skin. ” Women do not have to be goddesses in order to land such men, but it does not hurt to have such qualities.

I Wish I Was Rich

She also uses words that most people would not use on occasion. Mermen uses words in her writing such as “enter©e” and “Fretter sheets. ” She shows how she came from a well set family, and how she could have stayed In her past social circle.

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It is rare for a woman to find a man who has the best of both worlds. Men are either wealthy and ugly, or poor and good looking. Women need to decide which quality they are more attracted to. Not only must they choose, they must choose which quality will benefit them In the long run, as Daphne Mermen states In the title of her article.

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