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After reading this collection of short stories in early childhood name Isaac Asimov will forever be associated with the robots, though to be precise the word “robot” came up with is not it and Karel Capek.

In order to break all the laws of the robot is sufficient to break the first law, since the second and the third is based on the first. Based on Asimov’s three laws of built dozens of stories. Although based suzhetny lines are robots and spaceships, the master’s works are devoted primarily to people.

They – as well as the concept of good and evil – has not changed in the world of the future

Based on them was written the first story, “Robbie” and follow that vposledstii and made danyj collection.. The author raises many questions concerning the functioning of the robot, which can be a problem when the robot insubordination, contrary to logic, Laws of Robotics, the relationship between man and robot.

Opening a book for the first time are now sophisticated reader spoiled the flow of modern fantasy, can treat it with skepticism, they say uninteresting. The author’s writing style is leisurely, focused on thorough thoughtful reading. This requires not entertaining reading! And the cycle of “base” of writing the author of a much later only confirms this.

I Robot Essay

An amazing insight, foresight writer admires .. I used to when I watch on TV or read the news in the world of technology, weapons, new items and rocket catch myself thought that something like this has been, I’ll know it!

Here is a quote from the story, “Robbie” writing in 1940 (approx.

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a future legend of the world of science fiction then was only 20 years old.)

– of course, it did not come. It all happened in 1998. By 2002, we invented the mobile robot speaker, and nonverbal model obsolete. …

But the modern news

-. The staff of the Japanese city of Ikeda Hospital enrolled the first talking robots … (28 June 2004 g.)

in the short story “Liar” (1941). The robot has the ability to read people’s minds …

So, in the United States it has long been under development kibershlema who can read minds … in the longer term on the basis of such technologies is planned to create a weapon control systems using the power of thought.

So with the modern development of cybernetics and robotics Asimov’s writings remain relevant despite having run decades. For many years, many thousands of science fiction writing thousands of authors. But where are they now?

And the book Isaac Azimava both fantastic and scientific-journalistic interesting and informative. Everyone, regardless of whether 15 years of thy or 45 will find that reading for fun and for the development of horizons

This has striking merit of the author -. His works do not become obsolete

And now! 2009 open the volume Worlds of Isaac Asimov and before your eyes limitless galaxy, the death and the collapse of the great empires, travel to distant stars, worlds …

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