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The following sample essay on neighbour behind our friend’s house practiced opera in his shower …. As usual they would put up loud music exactly at 6. 00pm…. As always the neighbour came stampeding up to us and blamed us for being rowdy, insane lunatics… “Cuckooo”… and there went the cuckoo clock as usual. The first time I heard him, I stood in the bathroom eavesdropping at their shared wall for ten minutes, debating the wisdom of jamming his pipeline, and transferring it into dirty kitchen water through his shower.

It was very different from living in the duplex over with the middle-aged Mr and Mrs De livera and their two young sons back there. I couldn’t help listening to the appalling noise next door, unwittingly, almost damaging my ear drums. Today is the 22nd of August 2001, 9:15 pm, there’s the phone, my Mum picked it up. I couldn’t hear her conversation because of the annoying cry next door; besides, I wasn’t allowed to snoop on her chitchat anyway.

My eyes looked down to the half completed tiled floor enjoying the chill of it in the sizzling day and yet I was still trying to know what my mum was talking about.

I Miss You Essay

I thought it was the ordinary ‘business’ calls. I moved my eyes back to my mum and up right to the ceiling staring at the glamorous lighting that had been newly added. It reminded me of the photo my mum once had, it was when the first time her father drove up in a 1958 Morris Minor, after he bought it new to his cousin in 1959.

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Unfortunately he had passed away and he left the old car to my grand dad, it still had that sparkly disco ball hanging down from the rear view of the car. It created a ravishing view of a rainbow when the sun shone on it. I came back to reality; strangely it was cool night with a nice comforting warm breeze coming through the door. However, if you look up at the sky at day time, you see a cloud cross the scorching blue sky above us as we stood in the morning heat of ‘the Sin City’. I had a glimpse of someone running down to the kitchen, it was my mum, I followed her to see what happened. What I was seeing was unbelievable, she was the toughest woman I’ve ever met, I never thought I see the day.

I remember once when she was making egg rolls in those old cookers with gas cylinders, and the gas tube broke and the gas leaked creating a big fire, there was about 15 seconds left before the place would blow up, however, unlike any other women she wouldn’t stay right next to the fire crying for help, or praying to god, she knew this was reality, everybody else in the house got terrified and left her, but she wasn’t like them, she managed to off the gas, burning her whole arm, you could see the peeled flesh and blood run like a red priceless painting being washed away from the rain. But she didn’t scream, yell nor cry but just taking in the pain. What was happening now was unbelievable. I saw a glistening tear roll down her cheek. I had never seen her cry before. I looked away while she brushed the soft cheeks with her hands.

I went up to her, speechless. I knew I should try better, but I was in such a shock. I stood there for 30 seconds now and trying really hard to say anything, my brain created brainstorms of panic, I wondered if something terrible was about to happen or already happened. I couldn’t think. “Why… why are you crying? ” “What happened? ” I finally pushed out of my mouth.

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