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The following sample essay on “Dr No Spider Scene”: I am going to analyse a scene from the first ever James bond film Dr No. James Bonds real name is Sean Connery. The producers of the film are Harry Saltzman and Albert Broccoli. The director is Terence young. The film was first shown in 1962. It was a big hit.

For the scene that I am analysing, I will talk about what happens in the scene, the music that accompanies the scene, and how it fits the action, how well Connery acts in the scene, the camera shots and the camera angles and how well they help to add tension to the scene, the lighting techniques and how ell these add tension, how the scene is staged and how the audience would react when it was first shown.

The scene starts with Connery asleep. He is suddenly woken up by an object crawling up his body. He doesn’t move to avoid getting hurt.

He also starts to sweat because he is very nervous. This tells us that what ever is under his bed sheets is very dangerous enough to make him not move and also to make him sweat. The object slowly reaches near to the top of the bed sheets. This is a tense moment because know one knows what it is so everybody is waiting it to come out from the top of the sheets. When it finally comes out from the top of the sheets everybody is terrified firstly of the huge, hairy legged spider and secondly of the spider being on top of Connery.

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The spider slowly walks up towards Connerys head. The spider walking slowly on Connery makes the audience feel that they are in that position. As the spider slowly crawls up Connery he tries not to move but he tracks the spider with his eyes as carefully as he can. He does this to look out for a good chance for him to make a move. The spider crawls up to his shoulders at this point the audience think that it is going to go onto his face it might even put his hairy legs into his mouth. This makes the audience actually feel what Connery is feeling. The spider suddenly changes direction and crawls off his shoulders and onto the pillow. At this point the audience is relieved but it isn’t over yet. Once Connery is safe, he jumps out off the bed onto the floor and kills the spider with an object; probably his shoe. He hits the spider 5 times. He slowly gets, up leans against the wall, runs his hand through his hair and exits the room slowly and shocked. The audience is relieved.

At the opening of the scene we hear natural sounds such as crickets. When the spider arrives on to the scene we hear the flute. This suggests that the spider is dangerous. When the spider starts to crawl up Connery arm the music goes up in steps, building tension for the audience. As the spider goes down Connerys arm the music goes down in steps. When the spider crawls off his arm the music goes very tense. When Connery runs around the bed the instruments start to play. When Connery hits the spider 5 times, the drums hit 5 times. In this scene that I am analysing there is no dialogue so all the tension has to be built by the music.

Connery acts very nervous because of the poisonous spider that he is dealing with. Connery doesn’t want to act very nervous because this wouldn’t be following his theme.

At the starting of the scene the camera moves down from the window, follows the light onto the bed where Connery is asleep. The camera then focuses on the object which is on Connery. The camera then focuses on Connerys face to show his reaction. The camera moves back to the spider which comes out of the bed sheets. The camera tracks the spider crawling up his arm. The camera keeps on switching between Connery and the spider. They do this to show how Connery reacts. This is also another way in which they create tension. When the spider eventually crawls onto the pillow the camera zooms out to show Connery running out of bed. When Connery has killed the spider the camera follows Connery slowly getting up and exiting the room.

In this scene there is simple lighting. There is only one light source, this is the moon. In the room where Connery is asleep you see a mixture of light and dark. This emphasises how hot it is in the hotel room. The hotness of the room tells us that it is a tropical country and in tropical countries there is a lot of scorpions, spiders, snakes etc.

The scene is a simple hotel in the room with no extra props such as a gun to take the audiences eyes off Connery and the spider. The door which Connery exits from is left open a bit so Connery can have a smooth exit and doesn’t have to fiddle with the door lock.

When this movie was first shown in 1960 you would expect the audience to react shocked because dangerous chemicals, explosives and poisonous spiders won’t yet discovered. If the movie was shown today it would be very boring because all these things have been discovered and are old news.

I think that the movie that I have watched is boring because it has no new discoveries in it. They also talk about things that have already been discovered. I liked some of the movie because it had lots of tension in it. You could also feel that you were in Connerys position.

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Dr No Spider Scene
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