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Hypothetically Proposing a Bill to Congress Paper

A Bill To Mandate Manufactured Domestic Goods American Engineering Association Writer and Representative-of United States Federal Congress Table Of Contents corporations outsourcing almost 56% of their companies products since 1999, the War on Terror, and inflation are Just a few of the many problems facing the people of the United States. The Democrats and Republicans nearly shut down Washington D. C. because the parties could not agree upon a budget that could get the nation out of debt.

Although there has been a slight turn around for the nation’s economy, it ould be short-term and will not create a permanent solution for the nation’s ever- growing debt crisis. By being 15 trillion dollars in debt and the number increasing by the second, for the first time in our nation’s history our children’s future will be worse off than our own. In our form of government there are elected people who vote on issues versus one person making all the decisions. Not only is there a multitude of people,however, there are two separate parties in our political system.

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Therefore, right from the beginning our government would naturally have a hard time agreeing nd then determining how it will be dispersed. Between cutting or raising taxes or cutting money from the budget;most officials believes more money should be budgeted for other things and some things should be cut more than others. The main issue is agreeing upon how the money should be spent in a budget where over half the budget is deficit spending and the long-term goal is trying to get the country out of debt at the same time. One of the main subjects that is considered mandatory spending is the interest on the debt that is accumulated every year.

At this current oint in time, the United States is treading in a fifteen trillion dollar pool of mud and it seems like there is no way to get out. At the same time, the economy is in a recession and people are losing Jobs. It is no easy task to try and balance a budget in a slipping economy and at the same time pull the American people out of debt so that in the future this country is prosperous. Deciding how to get out of the current situation is a difficult process. The government has three ways of raising revenue raising taxes, cutting expenditures, or both. All three of these issues affects each citizen of the United States.

However, there is a solution without doing any of these things. When people work they make money and spend it, which is a large factor that stimulates the economy. one of the current major issues is where companies are outsourcing Jobs and merchandise. The American people are losing Jobs to companies who outsource to other countries where they can pay less for the work versus paying more in their own country. This gives other countries an upper hand in the business and financial world. As well as having other countries advance, another issue is the message other countries are erceiving from the United States.

Our market allows companies to outsource Jobs to the Philippines, El Salvador, Guatemala, and the list goes on where labor regulations are far less superior than our own. “Practice what you preach,” is an incredibly valid statement to live by. The United States is a super power that must set an example for other countries to follow by. For example, the clothing company Old Navvy which also owns other brands such as the Gap and Banana Republic where infamous in October of 2000 for outsourcing their clothing to Cambodia and only paying workers and child orkers twenty-one cents an hour.

The net profit for the company that year was 877. 5 million dollars and annual sales was 13. 7 billion dollars. If this was happening in the United States, people would be punished by law and it would make headlines all over the world. Child workers have been reported as working as young as eight in the factories, where the actual legal age of employment is fifteen. Child labor and other countries becoming more advanced in the business and financial world are Just two of the many reasons why outsourcing is not a helping our morale or financial standpoint.

The government could implement higher taxes on companies who outsource or who implement child labour, send representatives from organizations, for example, International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour and elected officials to countries where children labor laws are not strictly practiced to talk with leaders of the country about how big of an issue it really is, and having the people from the same organizations arrange mandatory meetings with top company CEOs who implement outsourcing their products to countries like Bangladesh and Guatemala, or another solution is to outlaw any company who outsources to a

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