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Hypertension report Paper


The purpose of this article is to further examine and study the prevalence of Hypertension, specifically among Blacks. Presented here are factors that can aggravate hypertension, as well as the causative factors contributing to the development of the disease. A sample population is also used, and some programs which may be implemented to counter the causes of hypertension are evaluated. Identification and discussion of wellness plans are also included in this article.

Political, legal, and ethical issues are also evaluated here. How these affects the occurrence of Hypertension and the resolving of the disease. Socioeconomic level of the affected clients are also seen as somewhat affecting the client’s ability to control hypertension using medications and assistance from medical officers.

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Percentage and number of populations affected are studied, regarding the highest exposed race in Hypertension. How these people daily practice their sedentary or active lifestyle, including the diet they are taking. The community programs are then evaluated if they would be efficient when used for these clients.

Hypertension is a common disease among individuals. An estimated 63.3 million US adults have Blood Pressure readings exceeding 140/90 mmHg, which is already considered Hypertensive (Giles et al., 2007). According to NHANES, the most hypertensive population identified are highest in Blacks with a 41.8 percentage rating, compared to other races which are less than 30 percent (Giles et al., 2007). Hypertension are aggravated by many factors, particularly are sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, pre-existing disease, and genetic composition (Daniels, 2007).

Knowledge deficiency of the Hypertension affected Black race regarding the nature of the disease is the most alarming problem present at hand. A convenience store, Grandma’s convenience store, located in Gifford Florida, is used as the source of the sample population to be tested regarding how Hypertension have affected Blacks, and how is it aggravated by certain factors. Most of the Blacks at Grandma’s Convenience store are affected by Hypertension. Most of these individuals who are affected are living a faulty lifestyle as evidenced by their smoking habits every day as well as alcohol consumption.

The Blood Pressure readings are surprisingly high. Several clients even had a reading as high as 200/100 mmHg, but asymptomatic. Instead of medications being taken to relieve the hypertension, some of these individuals are actually even using the same factor that aggravates the disease, drinking alcohol, as a means to fall asleep and take this as the only means to believe that their blood pressure readings are decreasing.

42 out of the 50 patients who are checked for their blood pressure had a high reading. Most of these clients lacked knowledge about the risk and complications posed by untreated hypertension, as well as the possibility that an underlying cause might have been causing this problem.

Clients at the store belong mostly to a low socioeconomic class, which might be the reason why most of them are unable to avail of the medications to control hypertension, even though they are aware that certain medications can help them with Hypertension control. Healthy dietary foods are not also found at the store, foods and drinks like pork rinds and beer on ice that promotes hypertension are found. Taking this into consideration, it might be possible also that the other surrounding stores are also selling these kinds of unhealthy foods.

Healthy people 2010 (www.health.gov) challenges all of us- individuals, professionals, communities- to take specific steps to ensure good health, and long life, are enjoyed by all. Judging by these criteria, the store itself is not abiding by this, knowing that unhealthy foods cause threat to health, the store still sells them. If in case the owner doesn’t exactly know what are considered to be healthy foods, he must have inquired about it in a health agency.

A Pitt County Study (James, et al., 2006) conducted to the socioeconomic position (SEP) of Blacks aged 25-50 years old, revealed that those who have a low socioeconomic status when they were young until they grew old are more likely to have hypertension. 42.3 percent of the total number of participants with low SEP from childhood to adulthood has hypertension, while the group with high SEP from childhood to adulthood only has 10.9 percent of the total number of participants in the group to be affected by hypertension. A good example is found in the sample population observed. Clients who have hypertension aren’t unable to buy medications to control hypertension because of their low SEP.

The private and nonprofit, Blue Foundation for Healthy Florida (www.bluefoundationfl.com) addresses the problem about obesity and hypertension among local African American families. This is founded by BCBSF (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida) that supports community based solutions particularly for those uninsured and underserved. Local Health Unit (LHU) may introduce this foundation to the community people of the sample group, and it may be better if LHU taps this resource for the people.

Although Blacks are urged to seek medical attention to various organizations helping those who are affected by hypertension, the intergenerational experience of unequal and discriminatory (Benkert et al., 2008) treatment in health care can develop a cultural mistrust of the clients toward the providers. But culturally workers can find a way to break this mistrust and create a trusting relationship with the clients for them to seek medical attention.

Various health programs especially those about lifestyle check and modification are being implemented by Healthy people 2010 (www.health.gov) to decrease the potential complications of hypertension, or to prevent it from developing into an unstoppable disease. Proper exercise, reduction in consumption of unhealthy foods (salty, fat-streaked), alcohol consumption elimination, and cutting of cigars, are a sure way to prevent further complications (Daniels, 2007)

Two new antihypertensive drugs (Ferdinand, 2007) Aliskiren and Nebivolol, prove to have the possibility to be effective in controlling blood pressure especially to those in Black race. However, its prices are not specifically introduced, and therefore might be expensive since it’s a new drug. Availability of generic drugs which has the same effect as the branded ones will be very beneficial especially to those underprivileged. Government officials may see the possibility of increasing funds and mobilizing resources to increase the information dissemination to the affected and unaffected populations alike. Reconstruction of laws regarding Job benefits, or opportunities also provides chance for the clients to be able to buy necessary drug regimen in controlling hypertension.

Again, health promotion about healthy lifestyle, correction of faulty eating habits, and constant clinic visit for health assessment, is most effective way in preventing development and complications of Hypertension.


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            Retrieved: December 2, 2008 from


Prevalence of Hypertension in Blacks:

Can Healthy People 2010 really happen?

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