Appreciation Paper

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. It has been proven that people can not resist without eating for a couple of days, so it is obvious that food is vital in someone’s life. We like it or not, we have to eat in order to stay alive. Also, eating is a physiological need, like having enough water in our system (drinking water) or sleeping, so eating is one of the most important things for a human being.

What is the hunger?

The hunger for food comes when you have not eaten for a amount of time, and your body starts feeling the need for food. That’s when we start feeling a both physical and psychical need for food. That is the hunger. But the word “hunger” is used in many other contexts. What would be the hunger for love and appreciation, and would it possibly be more important than the hunger for food? The word hunger can be often used to describe someone’s need for something, so you can say that there is a ligature between the meaning of the word need and the word hunger… So what would hunger for love and appreciation be?

Love And Appreciation

I hind it is best described as someone’s need to be loved, to be understood, and I believe that if you really love someone, then you appreciate that person as well.

But is this need bigger than the one for food, that is a vital one? Yes, I think it is.

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I think that, in order to give a strong answer, I should explain myself. First of all, there are those sensitive and emotional people. There are people in this world whose biggest wish is to have someone close to them that can love, understand and appreciate them…. Someone to talk to, about anything you need to, and be understood by the there.

This kind of people know how important it is to have close other people that believe in you, that encourage you, that help you when you need help, that see and appreciate your efforts, that understand what you want, what you can do, and are always there to push you when you don’t want to continue fighting for what you want, that are there for you when you need them, when you’re depressed or Just sad, that love and appreciate you… Someone that truly loves you will try to do all these things, and even more, because love is a very tricky and complex feeling.

It manifests itself in any another ways, and different at everyone. Then, there are these other people. People that do not understand yet what love is, and how important it is. I think that some people do not see the importance of love even when they are old and senile… And that is very sad, but it’s a true fact: some people never understand real love. Love can come in many different ways. You can be sure that your parents have and will always love you, and everything they do, they do it for you. They do it to protect you, to help you as they think it is best. Then, a true friend will always love you.

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Appreciation Paper
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