The Hundred Years’ War between England and France (1337-1453) was comparable to which conflict in Ming China during the fifteenth century?
None of these; Ming China was internally unified, unlike Europe

Which of the following was an agricultural village society in the fifteenth century?
The Igbo

What society made the Triple Alliance in 1428?
The Aztecs

In what way were the Chinookan people of northwestern North America similar to Australians?
Both lived by gathering and hunting.

In the Songhay Empire, Islam was mostly appealing to
urban elites

The Renaissance was an era in which educated Europeans sought to “return to the sources.

” What were the sources to which they looked?

Latin and Greek literature and art

The agricultural civilizations of West Africa were characterized by what kind(s) of government?
A mixture of stateless societies and more highly centralized kingdoms

Which of the following statements is true about women in Mesoamerican and Andean societies?
Both societies practiced “gender parallelism.”

Why is Timur important to world history?
Timur was a great conqueror who devastated much of Asia in the period around 1400.

This people reestablished a civil service examination system in the fifteenth century and used it to create a highly centralized government.
The Chinese

The capital of the Aztec Empire was

Where was the Muslim port city of Malacca, noted for its trade and its blending of cultures?
On the waterway between Sumatra and Malaya

What is a Sufi?
A Muslim holy person

What form of government did the Iroquois Five Nations have?
A loose confederation regulated by a council of clan leaders

In what ways did the Inca and Aztec empires differ substantially from each other?
The Inca Empire built an elaborate bureaucracy to integrate its subjects; the Aztecs did not.

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What was the purpose of Zheng He’s expeditions?
The expeditions were intended to establish Chinese prestige in the Indian Ocean and to control foreign trade.

Which Islamic state of the fifteenth century especially sought to bring unity to the Islamic world and to serve as the “strong sword of Islam” by protecting the mainstream Sunni faith?
The Ottoman Empire

Which of the following was a policy of the Inca Empire?
Requiring leaders of conquered peoples to learn Quechua, the Inca language

Which Renaissance author wrote The Prince, a political treatise that analyzed how to gain success in the cut-throat world of his time?
Niccolò Machiavelli

Which country’s explorers were the first to reach Asia by sailing around the tip of South Africa?

Which Muslim state ended the Christian Byzantine Empire by conquering Constantinople in 1453?
Ottoman Empire

Which of the following is true of gathering and hunting societies in the fifteenth century C.E.?
Which of the following is true of gathering and hunting societies in the fifteenth century C.E.?

Where did the Igbo live?
In the heavily forested region east of the Niger River in West Africa

Samarkand was part of what state?
The Inca Empire

This Chinese dynasty ended Mongol rule in China and worked hard to erase evidence of the foreign incursion.
Ming dynasty

Which of the following statements is true of Europe in the fifteenth century?
Europe was made up of small and independent states that competed strongly with each other.

What is a “humanist” in the Renaissance sense?
A Renaissance scholar who dealt with secular topics with an emphasis on “returning to the sources” of ancient Greece and Rome

The European mariner who in 1497 was the first to reach India by rounding South Africa was
Vasco da Gama

Which Islamic state ruled the area that is now Iran from 1501 until 1736?
The Safavid Empire

Which of the following statements is true of the Mughal Empire?
It was ruled by a Muslim minority, vastly outnumbered by its Hindu subjects.

Which of the following states did not become a colonial power in the period 1450-1750?

Which of the following statements most accurately describes Europe’s global position in 1450?
Europe remained marginal in Eurasian commerce.

What was the single most important factor that aided the European conquest of the Americas?

Which of the following is an old-world crop that was soon established in Europe’s American colonies?

Which of the following was a consequence of the introduction of horses to the North American West?
A male-dominated hunting and warrior culture displaced farming cultures in many areas.

What was the main source of the silver that transformed the world economy in the early modern period?
Mexico and Peru

What name is given to the enormous network of communication, trade, and transference that the European colonial empires in the Americas generated?
The Columbian Exchange

What is mercantilism?
An economic policy that a country’s interests are best served by encouraging exports and accumulating bullion.

Which of the following statements best describes Spanish conquerors’ relations with native women in the Americas?
Many Spaniards married elite women.

What is encomienda?
A legal system in Spanish America that granted groups of native people to settlers

What is a Creole?
A person of Spanish ancestry born in the Americas

What position did Indians occupy in Spanish colonial societies?
They were abused and exploited as the primary labor force of Spain’s colonial empire.

What was the Tupac Amaru Revolt of 1780-1781?
A native revolt in Peru

The colonies of which European power were the most culturally blended?

Which of the following can be characterized as a “sugar colony”?

Which region of the Americas imported the vast majority of slaves from Africa?
Brazil and the Caribbean

This colony produced as many as forty separate groups to indicate different racial mixtures.

Which of the following colonial regions saw significant migration of Europeans for religious reasons?
British North America

Which of the following colonial regions was most heavily settled by Europeans?
British North America

Settler colonies of which European country developed self-government to the highest degree?

Which of the following became part of the Russian Empire in the early modern period?

This colonial product, in great demand on the world market, was known as “soft gold.”

Which of the following rulers initiated a massive modernization and administrative reform of Russia in the decades at the turn of the seventeenth century?
Peter the Great

This empire brought together much of Hindu South Asia under Muslim rule.
The Mughal Empire

How was Central Asia transformed in the period 1450-1750?
It became a backward, impoverished region.

Which of the following statements accurately describes relationships between religions in the Mughal Empire?
In general, the Muslim rulers were tolerant of the Hindu majority.

The greatest Mughal emperor, who instituted sweeping policies of religious accommodation, was

Which of the following statements best describes the Ottoman Empire in the early modern period?
Ottoman sultans were protectors of Islam’s holy places and took seriously their role as chief defenders of the faith.

What great city, conquered in 1453, became the capital of the Ottoman Empire?

What is devshirme?
A tribute of young boys that the Ottomans levied on Christian communities

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