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How was world war 1 won by the allies Essay

How was World War I won by the allies?

Thefirst world war must have been one of the greatest technological period in the decennia , and one of the most cruel because they did not yet know what they had found out for example mustard gas ,the tanks and their rifles, which caused great loses on both sides of the war. I will answer the question "How was WWI won by the allies?"I will discuss what I think what was the most important event in 1916, 17 and 18.
In February 1916 the Germans captured strategic points, the French forts wherefirst to fall. Both sides gave all , the French and the Germans attacked and counter attacked each other until one finally the French army got so thin and scattered that the Germans where closing in. But the English came to help and planned an attack on the Somme; a 1.25 million people had died. Including the best, most experienced soldiers and officers from Germany. This was seen as an expensive failure, but now we see it as an event that had an influence on the end of the war. Also new tactics like, the'creeping barrage', the'artillery ambush' and the tank, where developed and used by the Allies, because the artillery became more and more accurate.
In 1917 the creeping barrage where brought into plan. This was a unit of soldiers moving forward slowly behind a barrage of artillery, and when retreating from up marching German soldiers the Germans would be hit by the artillery, this was only possible by the accuracy of the artillery. The Germans introduced the submarines because they suspected that USA was supplying the French and the English with food and other goods, they not only sank military boats but also passenger's boats, this raged the Americans and declared war on the Germans in 1st of April. The Americans send troops but not enough yet they still didn't h

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