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How to Write a Cover Letter for Internship – Critical Tips Paper

An internship is a very important part of the professional career of an individual. Internship mostly starts during your college life. It is a critical part of your life because it helps you get yourself geared up with the right job experience in the field that you want to pursue after completing your graduation or post-graduation program.

Use a compelling internship cover letter to help your application grab the attention of the recruiter who may hire you as an intern. A compelling cover letter will let the recruiter know why you think you can meet all the internship needs of the company. Take your first step in your professional life by learning how to write a cover letter for internship.

Majority of employers are well-aware that many potential interns lack considerable work experience which is the reason they seek internship. Therefore, don’t worry about the experience but highlight in the application what you currently have such as your education, interest in the field and willingness to work even in the most intense environment.

Remember that though you lack substantial hand-on work experience but you still have a little experience. This experience is one which you have gained through tackling different sorts of academic projects, which are necessary to earn your degree. You can list down and describe each project in a brief manner and tell the recruiter how that experience will help you with carrying out your internship tasks.

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The main purpose of an internship cover letter is to grab the attention of the recruiter and compel him to consider the applicant for an interview. Obviously you cannot maintain the interest of reader with your limited experience. Therefore the best way to engage the recruiter is by demonstrating your passion for learning new things and applying them in practical life.

It is also necessary to carry out research on the company by checking out their website or portfolio. Make the effort to learn as much as possible about the company and about the internship program they are offering. Learn what you will be expected to carry out in the internship. These important details will help craft the letter according to the job description. Also make sure that your letter is properly formatted and unique. Do not copy and paste a sample from the internet as majority of those samples are cliched. However, you can use those samples only for referencing purposes.

While writing your internship cover letter, ensure that you only focus on highlighting those details that are mentioned in the resume. Do not mention or highlight any such details which are not included in the resume. Keep in mind that the person who will take your interview knows that internship applicants lack experience. Therefore you don’t have to mention any experience. Just stay focus on highlighting how you can contribute to their organization as an intern.

Do not forget to include a call to action in your cover letter, which is in this case a request for an interview. Also make sure that you include your contact details in the cover letter so that they can get back to you to inform you about the interview.

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