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How to Negotiate a Salary on a Job Interview? Paper

Negotiating the salary is an important part of a job interview. Generally, the employer will conduct a salary review before he calls on you for an interview. After analyzing the salary trend and considering your previous salary, he will then decide on a salary figure. While an employer may offer you a salary on his discretion, there is always a room for bargain. With some useful bargain tips and techniques, you can achieve a fair salary figure accepted by both you and the employer.

Conduct a Salary Research

Firstly, you must conduct a salary research for the position in your area of industry. This will give you an idea of the expected remuneration for the job in your specific industry.

Be Diplomatic

Never discuss the salary first. Rather than saying “What salary can I expect from you?” you can rephrase this point into different words and ask in an indirect way such as “I will accept the job at the standard salary figure for the position” or “I am willing to accept your offer if the salary is according to the current value for the position”.

Talk About Other Benefits

Take into consideration all the benefits and perks of the employer’s offer. Do not hesitate to negotiate on other benefits that include medical insurance, vacations, retirement plan and leaves. Think about the factors necessary to grow in the job such as regular training, courses and seminars and discuss them.

Be Discreet

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Be polite and humble while negotiating salary for the job. While it is your right to demand a desirable salary, try not to offend the employer. The point should be to reach a bargain level that both you and the employer are agreed with. For example, you can say “While I am happy about the benefits and perks, I am concerned about the salary. Can we negotiate on this matter?” Keep your expected salary a little higher than what you want so that there is a room for bargain.

Evaluate Your Experience and Skills

While figuring out the right salary figure for the position, think about the skills and experience you have gained in your concerned field. This will give you a good idea of the salary figure to negotiate in an offer.

Behave Like a Professional

Do not be rude or offend the employer with uncompromising tone. Do not say things like, “While your offer is attractive, the salary is less than my expectations.” Even if you fail to convince the employer, be professional and leave off the interview on positive note.

Find Out Salary Range

Make sure about salary range of the job. In this way, you will anticipate the salary and perks the employer is willing to offer you. If the salary range is too short to negotiate, it is better to not continue with the interview.

Do a Reality Check

Once an employer gives you an offer, the ball is in your court. Consider this as an opportunity for a reality check and do some honest analysis. It is up to you to decide whether the salary figure is enough to meet your monthly expenses or not.


Employers have definite salary and increment scale or policy for individual jobs. If you ask the highest salary figure for a position, you will reduce your chances of getting more increments in shorter times. Additionally, a high salary will result in more expectations and responsibilities from the employer. Failure to meet the expectations of the employer may cause your immediate termination.

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