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How to Make an Interview Follow-Up Call? Paper

All has gone well in your interview and now you want to make a follow-up call to make sure whether you will get the job or not. If you have made a strong impression in your first interview then half of your job is done. But this does not mean that you get unnecessarily overconfident. If you think you are the only candidate applied for the position, then you are sadly mistaken.

You must stand out among others to get the job. So be sure to make the follow-up call an extension of the interview. While talking over a phone, a minute mistake can be misinterpreted. Even a slip of the tongue during the follow-up call can affect the hiring manager’s decision. So you must be very much wary and discreet during the entire call until you hang up.

While making a follow-up call sends the message to the hiring manager that you are serious about the position, it may misinterpret if you fail to communicate effectively to him. Here are few considerations that you must remember when you make a follow-up call.

Call to the Hiring Manager

Learn about the hiring manager of the company. Do not call the HR or job agent (if you are applying through the job agency) as they are not responsible to make the final decision. The hiring manager is the person who has the last word on whether to hire a candidate or not.

Take Some Time Before You Call

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Take 2-3 days before you call the person. Contacting the person too soon will show you as unprofessional or too desperate for the job.

Never Forget Phone Etiquettes

Be polite and take into consideration all the phone etiquettes while you speak on the phone. Introduce yourself by telling your complete name and the position you sought for. Be confident and comfortable but avoid talking in a blunt or cocky way. For example, if you are applied as a Sales Manager, you can start your conversation with something like this:

“Hello, Mr. Joe. This is Ethan Cooper. Thank you for considering me for the position of Sales Manager. It was a memorable interview. I must say, it was nice to talk with you. Well, I want to know about the hiring status for the position. Can I expect to meet you soon for the second interview?”

Be Precise

Talk straight and to the point. You do not want to spoil the time of the interviewer with unnecessary talk. Do not cajole the interviewer or ask him for any favor. This will reflect badly on you regardless of how competent you are for the position. If you get a vague reply, you can say, “Fine. I am looking forward to meet you soon to discuss other matters. It was nice talking to you.” Ask him about the day for the final decision only when you get some positive response from the interviewer.

In case, the interviewer is not available and his phone is put on the voice mail, leave a message asking him the status of the position and when you can hear about the final decision.

Make notes

Jot down important points during the call. This will help you remember any related or important information for later follow-up calls.

Do Not Discuss Salary

Never negotiate the salary or perks on a phone call. These things are too significant to talk over a phone.

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