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How September, 11, 2001 Changed My Life Paper

The day tragedy hit home, 9/11/01 (9/11).I was three at the time and had no clue what it was, but its effects of that horrible event still have not left my family today.Back in 9/11, I was living with my mom, dad, and two-month-old brother in a nice three-bedroom, two bath house in Lancaster, South Carolina. When it all happened, I was at a daycare with thirty-nine other kids, and my brother was at our house with the babysitter while my mom and dad were at work.I was at the coloring station drawing my family with nine other kids, and the TV was playing cartoons. My mom was taking an x-ray of a man’s teeth when she heard about the attack from a coworker.She heard about it first and as soon as she did, she asked her manager if she could leave to go and get me from the daycare center.Her manager said yes, so my mom left work to pick me up from the daycare center.On her way, she called my dad to let him know what was going on.Right around that time, my daycare center started calling parents about the situation. When my mom got to the daycare center, there was a long line, and a lady’s car would not start at the front of the line.So my mom turned around and drove to the next building to park in a handicap parking space in the other building’s parking lot.Then she walked over to the lobby of the daycare center to get me.When my mom arrived, I thought she got off early from work and was going to the take me to the toy store.She told me if I had been a good boy at daycare that day, she was going to take me to the toy store. But she did not take me to the toy store and I thought I was in trouble. So I kept asking “Why did you miss the toy store?” All she said that we were going home.

When we got home, I saw my dad watching the news on the TV while my brother was in his playpen.My dad sent the babysitter home and told her to get home safe.She told me in the car to go to my room right away but I did not rememb…

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