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The Negative Effects Of Tourism Outweigh The Positive Ones Paper

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Traveling from one country to another is one big hit. It may seem appealing to one’s desire to explore new horizon, a benefit to its cause; however, the effect may be the other way around. I disagree that Global Tourism may more like be harmful than beneficial. For one thing, Global Tourism empowers a low-income country to become globally competitive.

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There is an abundance in the country’s economy because of the merging infrastructures like hotels and restaurants to accommodate the tourists. As a domino effect, more Jobs are available not only to college graduates but to jobsharers without a degree. Moreover, transportation and entertainment businesses are rampant to vacationers who wish to see all the top destinations and leisure activities in a particular place. Lastly, this is a green industry, where most scenic places are maintained to preserve its natural environment.

This Industry does not only benefit the people but mother earth as well. Albeit, Global tourism poses disadvantages to people in some ways. There Is a greater chance of a permanent loss of traditional culture if locals change one’s lifestyle Just so that tourists can better understand them. For Instance, locals learn to speak English fluently, daydreaming one’s own, to prevent barrier communication. In addition, vacationers who bring expensive luggage’s or gadgets are prospect targets of theft, thus crime increases In number.

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Moreover, these foreigners can also steal things or even Ideas from the country. Some foreigners recycle an Idea and produce It as If It Is their own. From my point of view, the positive effects of Global Tourism far outweigh Its detrimental Impacts. Countries make the most of one another, as well as both natives and foreigners. The future of global tourism Is a promising one that the government may need to devise policies In order to prevent Its negative effects.

The Negative Effects Of Tourism Outweigh The Positive Ones

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