How Has Electricity Changed The World

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This rise shows just how much obliged to electricity. But it doesn’t stop there, that is because nowadays the computer is nothing without a fast Internet connection at all times. Fig. 4: A typical personal windows computer Almost every person who has a computer these days has access to a fixed broadband connection.

And every person who has a computer has an Internet connection. This was also not something that you could have during the asses. In the whole world, only 0. 361 billion people had an Internet connection. And fixed broadband connection was something nobody had.

Zero out of every 100 people had it. But even by 201 0 this had all changed. About 2 billion people had Internet connection in the whole world and about 10 people out of every 1 00 people had a fixed broadband connection. 5: A stereotypical image of the internet But how much Electricity consumption has changed since the 20005. The use of electronics has grown a lot since then and that has caused the consumption of electricity to be higher. In the asses the consumption of electricity right here in China had been only 1. 25 k/h. This number increased to a huge 4. 17 trillion k/h by the 2010.

World Without Electricity Essay

But not all oftenest world-changing powers of electricity have come to a very good ending. This is because some of these powers have had negative effects on the world too.

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Electricity is a dangerous thing if not used or dealt with properly. And this can be clearly known by the fact that in the U. K. There are more than 2. 5 million people who get electric shocks each year. And of these 2. 5 million plus people, there are approximately 350,000 people who receive serious shocks. Although electric shocks are the things we usually think about when we say electrical dangers, it isn’t always so.

There are actually many more ways electricity causes people to die rather than direct electric shocks. One of the main ways electricity causes indirect deaths is by fires. Electricity when not used the ways it is supposed to, can be extremely dangerous. This fact can be seen from this table: Fig. 6: Number of fires of electrical origin in the UK in 2007 It shows how many people have had fires due to electrical failures or accidents. There have been 267 deaths caused by fires and among that 49 of them are electricity based. There have been 9066 fire based injuries in the UK in 2007 ND among them 3477 are based on electricity.

There have been a total of 43351 fires and among them 21424 are due to electricity. That shows that almost half of all fires in the UK in the year 2007 based on or due to electricity. People might say that these happened in 2007 they are not very recent. But a very recent statistics publication in Jan aura 201 2 by the US NAP, National Fire Protection Association, states that in the US during 2010, there have been a total of about 46500 fires that are based on electricity. And all these fires has resulted in 420 civilian deaths, 1 520 civilian injuries and an approximate f 1. Billion US dollar worth of direct property damage. Fig. 71 Fire But even with all of that much damage due to electricity, why should people not shut it down? I want you to imagine a day when suddenly all of the electricity on earth was sapped away by night. You would wake up and go turn the light on, but there would be no electricity so you no light except for sunlight. You would go into the bathroom in the dark and there would be no water, because the generator has no electricity to pump the water. And then you would want to watch the TV, but it wouldn’t turn on since there was no electricity.

And at last, when turning on your phone to call the management or turn on your computer to tell everyone about what happened, both of them wouldn’t work because of zero percent battery. A life without electricity is unthinkable. We are obliged to electricity. We can’t live without it. Without it our lives would be miserable and almost non-livable. This is why even after all the damage electricity does, its use is going up and up and becoming an even more important part of our lives. But of course that doesn’t mean that no measures are being taken to make electrical appliances easier and safer to use.

There are big differences between the safeness to use electricity in the asses and now. As more people use AC power sources and have fuses built into multi-plugs and other appliances, things are much safer and easier to use. The first thing that has made electricity much safer is the AC power supply. The AC power supply is very different from the direct power supply. The AC power supplies have electricity going both ways rather than just one way. Thus when you use an appliance with a high potential to give you a shock, the AC power supply would be much more safer than the direct power us apply. Fig. AC power cables The second thing that has made the use of appliances much safer is the fuse. It is a small device attached to different appliances that is auto triggered by a high amount of electric flow. The fuse is a very thin wire that can be replaced. It is made so as to break a connection in the circuit, thus cutting off power from the appliance it is being used in. There are fuses in a lot of appliances nowadays than there was before. As the fuse ensures that even if an accident occurs, it doesn’t turn into a tragedy, it does pack a huge punch in keeping electricity as safe as possible. 0: A typical fuse Electricity can be a dangerous thing when used improperly, but, it is something that is getting increasingly safer to use. And even that is not that main factor, the main factor is that there is no way we can live without it. Wherever you look you can see an appliance that is run or has been made by the help of electricity. Electricity has shaped our world in such a way that now it simply impossible for us to avoid it. There is no way that we could live as happily as we are now without electricity. The benefits of electricity outweigh the bad sides of it.

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