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How does Shakespeare make “Romeo and Juliet” interesting and dramatic for the audience?  Essay

Essay Topic:

Shakespeare adds drama and interest to this scene for the audience by using dramatic incidents and by what the characters say and how they react. This play has different themes, which also add drama and interest.

This scene in particular is a good example of the techniques Shakespeare uses. One-way Shakespeare adds drama and interest is by having dramatic incidents take place before this scene, this will leave the audience in suspense because they want to see what the situation is after these incidents. Many incidents happened before this scene, like the marriage of Romeo and Juliet the audience will show interest because the two families hat are involved are in dispute this will leave the two lovers in a situation because neither family will agree to them being married. They have got married behind their parents backs which is dishonest it enrages the families this would cause tension and will make the next very dramatic.

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Shakespeare also has many dramatic incidents in this scene this also adds interest from the audience, when the nurse tells Juliet that her mother is on her way to Juliet’s bedroom and Romeo is still there, this adds tension and suspense to see if Romeo will escape in time because the marriage is unknown to their families and the risk of them finding out makes suspense and tension. When the nurse says “Your chamber Lady mother is coming to your chamber” makes the audience realise the risk they am taking being together because of the family feud.

When Romeo is escaping from the chamber and he speaks to Juliet on the balcony, it interests the audience because Romeo says, “I doubt it not, and all these woes shall serve” he is trying to say that all the controversy will be sorted and him and Juliet will live happily. But the audience know this will not be true because as the story goes Romeo and Juliet do not have the happy ending they wanted, they both kill themselves because they cant be together. Even the audience who haven’t seen the play before can see when watching the play, that this will not be a happy ending because of the controversy with the families.

When Lady Capulet announces to Juliet that she is planning to assonate Romeo, when Juliet says, “Would none but I might venge my cousins death” this will interest the audience know if it is up to Juliet to venge for Tybalt’s death, it will never happen because of her love for Romeo.

When Juliet is told she is to marry Paris it makes a very dramatic situation. Lady Capulet says “Marry, my child, early next Thursday morn” Juliet is surprised and shocked and tension mounts because she begins to panic. She begins to panic because she knows that this marriage cannot take place and her parents will find out. Being married in secret and behind her parents back. She goes against her father and says doesn’t want to marry Paris, this was unheard of at the time when a father arranged a marriage the daughter would have to accept. It was felt that the parents knew best. But because of her disobedience the audience see drama and become interested.

Drama is shown when Capulet goes into a rage he is angered at the way Juliet is speaking to him. The audience would become interested because of the explosive reaction of Capulet. When he says “You tallow – face” he is describing Juliet as ugly because of her skin shows the anger he is out. Insulting his own daughter shows how rarely it happens, because he reacts in the most natural way a father would, we can see that Juliet rarely goes against her fathers word this is why it is so interesting.

When Lady Capulet rejects her daughter’s plea for help against her father, the mother – daughter bond is broken. The scene becomes very dramatic when Lady Capulet does this. Lady Capulet tells her own daughter “Talk not to me, for I’ll not speak a word” Lady Capulet is disowning her daughter to side with her husband because she knows if she sides with her daughter her marriage will be finished. This shows how scared Lady Capulet is of her husband; she would rather be on the wrong side of her daughter as she can’t threat Lady Capulet’s well – being.

When Juliet has no one to turn to but the nurse, the nurse turns her back on Juliet also. The nurse only does this because she wants to keep her job. The last person Juliet thinks she can turn to lets her down. Juliet thought the Nurse would help her but the Nurse betrays her and takes Capulet side. “I think it best you married with the County. O, he’s a lovely gentleman! Romeo’s a dishcoult” the Nurse is insulting Romeo because she has taken Capulet side because if she doesn’t she knows she will lose her job. When the Nurse says this to Juliet drama is added to scene again because now Juliet is on her own and doesn’t know what to do. A girl of her age at the time wouldn’t know what to do. Everyone she knows wont help she lost and doesn’t know which way to turn. The audience would be gripped by this because interest in what Juliet is going to do next.

This scene is central to some very important parts in the play, Juliet being given the potion because it’s only thing she can think of doing. Both off them committing suicide because they think the other one is dead. Also when Juliet tries getting a message to Romeo and he doesn’t receive it.

Interest is gained also from the Characters, when Capulet goes into a rage the audience become attracted to his temper because excitement has been added to the scene. Panic begins to set in, from the other characters in the scene this adds to the interest of the audience.

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