Rhetorical Devices Speech

How does Obama use Rhetorical Devices

In his speech effectively to engage his audience? Throughout Beam’s speech he uses many different examples of rhetorical devices such as alliteration, personification, trial, allusion and an Inclusive pronoun. Alliteration is used effectively In Beam’s speech. An example would be “depths of despair to the greatest heights of hope”. The fact that he goes from the worst to the best corrects the listener’s minds and provides an Insight Into Just how good things are going for America In Beam’s eyes.

It proves how far they’ve come ND gives the listeners hope for even greater things to come In the future. The use of the word ‘despair’ suggests that there was very little hope for America’s future In the past and reinforces how bad things must have been for them. To then use the word hope’ suggests bigger and better things to come, it implies the listener that the best is not here yet and there is a lot more to come and although they have already came so far they are still yet to reach the greatness the country is impending.

Triad Rhetorical Device

This makes the audience feel hopeful and trustful in the future for their country. Personification is also used effectively. An example of this would be “we care so strongly about its future”. In this example Obama is talking about America as a country and referring to it as if it is a real life person.

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The fact he does this gives likeness and attributes of life to the country, and makes it seem unstoppable in a way as Just like a person, America will keep moving forward and develop new ways of doing things and dealing with situations.

Personification is much used in visual arts, so Obama using it in this beech works effectively as it immediately makes the audience picture America in their brains and focus on its future rather than its past. The word ‘strongly has synonyms like ‘able’, tough’, ‘powerful’ and Vigorous’ so it seems the perfect word for Obama to use as it not only makes the people of America feel stronger and more united as a country but also makes them believe they can overcome their past and can move forward and achieve all their goals in the future.

By using personification Obama animates a lifeless thing; America which creates excitement In the audience s they feel it isn’t the end for Americas and again there are greater things to come. Obama also uses Triad in his speech. An example would be “we believe In a generous America; In a compassionate America; In a tolerant America”. This Is effective as It almost leads to a climax within the audience as each thing he lists that they believe In seems to get better and more appealing to the people. The fact he uses triad makes his message stand out more and become more memorable In the audiences minds.

It allows a speaker to express a concept, emphasize It, and then make It memorable. It also makes the audience more trustworthy of Obama as a leader as It shows he doesn’t have one singular goal for America and he Isn’t looking to Improve lust one thing. They may feel motivated for change as Obama uses such effective words wanly all link together Ana gall almost give America a Tie as en careless ten country the same way you would a person, which may make the audience feel like one with each other and for America to be all these things they must become these things themselves.

Allusion is another effective rhetorical device in Beam’s speech. An example of this is “Tonight more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny’. This works well during his speech as he is convincing America how greater things are to come regardless of the great things that have happened for the country so far. The fact he uses this allusion almost proves to the audience Just how much things may change for the good of America as long ago they couldn’t even determine their own destiny this makes them believe Just how much of an impact they can have on their own future.

He simplifies the idea of hang by using a well-known story to explain Just how greatly things may change for the country. This makes the audience even more hopeful and prepared for the changes to come in the future of their country. Lastly the use of inclusive pronouns works very effectively. An example would be “it moves forward because of you”. This implies that without the people, America would be nothing and would be at a standstill. This not only makes the audience feel worthy but also as if they all have a role to play in order to keep America together and as one.

The use of the word you’ addresses the mass audience as though they were individual’s having a one on one conversation with Obama, by doing this he keeps the whole audience engaged and interested in what he has to say. To conclude it is clear that Obama uses a variety of different rhetorical devices in order to keep his audience engaged and pleased with his speech. He uses all effectively and manages to make the mass audience still feel like an individual by his use of rhetorical devices. Each rhetorical device creates a different impact or emotion on the audience whether it be individuality, worth, important or trust.

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Rhetorical Devices Speech
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