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How did Germany fall into the hands of Hitler Essay

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How did Germany fall into the hands of Hitler?
Hitler's power began to grow in 1933 when he was made chancellor of Germany, by August 1934 he was the dictator of Germany. He believed that the new government (appointed after World War One) were useless and he made it very clear to the public that he hated them. He spent many years in prison speaking against them. However, many people supported Hitler for many reasons.
Hitler used propaganda with advertisements and speeches using young German men to exaggerate facts of working alongside Hitler. Adverts would show men wearing attractive Nazi uniforms and holding the Nazi flag. The uniforms were simply brown shirts and brown trousers and always had a band showing the Nazi symbol around the arm sleeve. Brown shirts as they were called were used in adverts showing off their pride in wearing the Nazi uniform. Radio advertisements would be broadcastedto encourage young German men to join Hitler's army by explaining the marching stances and told them some of their duties such as carrying the flag and being in the marching band. But the adverts did not show the German people of the pitfalls and disappointments of working alongside Hitler. He made the Germans believe that they were the stronger race and that they could not be beaten.
Germany needed a strong leader. The German people knew this and thought Hitler was the man to do it. He was strong, determined and had major plans for the country. After WW1 Germany fell into a great depression and many men were forced to leave their jobs and go on the doll. Leaving only one third of working men still in the jobs. Germany needed a strong leader to help them out of the hole they had managed to fall into after thefirst world war. Hitler knew this and he also knew if he was clever enough and determined enough he could get the German people on his side and help Germany back on his feet. After Germany was made to sign the tre…

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