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How and Why the Pilgrims Came to America Essay

Essay Topic:

One day in the 16th through 17th centuries the pilgrims met in the
church of England.They met there because they didn't have their own
religion, they had to follow the England religion.they were planning to move
somewhere where they could have their own religion.
They were building a ship called the Mayflower to come to America,
so that they can be free in practicing their religion.When the ship was
finished they put it in the water and waited to leave.They all met where the
ship was.Then they all boarded the Mayflower and set off.
It was a rough journey coming to America.The pilgrims all had to eat
fish every day.The food that they brought rotted.They all ate during the
night because they didn't want to see what was crawling on their food.At
night when they slept there was not enough room so they were very tight.
They all had to sleep together and some had to sleep on the floor.
All of these hardships were because of the religious problem in
England.America was their only hope.America was a free country and that
A kid on the Mayflower was playing with gunpowder and almost blew
it up.Luckily he did not.They made it to America and built homes and grew
food.They had some trouble with the winter and the Indians, but they
survived, and were free to practice their religion.
The Pilgrims finally were able to have their own religion.They didn't
have any more problems trying to have their own religion, and the Pilgrims

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