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Horse Research Paper Paper

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Paper type: Research paper , Subject: Horse

I was helping my AH group with our International night table when I decided to play my luck at the raffle table. I put all my money Into one basket and actually won the raffle basket. It was a basket for horse lovers and Included horse grooming products and books about horses. I never rode a horse before because I was born with multiple disabilities Including a tethered spinal cord and life threatening latex allergy. My biggest challenge In life has been living on the outlasts spectrum. I could not be around crowds, loud noises and I avoided being part f groups and activities.

I did not have self-confidence or a passion and my autism affected my ability to socialize. My mother saw how excited I was about willing and she took me to the horse farm for a rolling lesson. I soon found a passion. It was at this time, that the spinal babied was diagnosed. I had major surgery to repair the defect. After my surgery, I had to face the challenge of living with a partially paralyzed bowel and bladder and had to learn how to use my legs again. At first I would walk alongside the horses, and then I began riding horses again. The horse I was riding and walking with name was Pippin.

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He never gave up on me no matter how weak I was. Pippin was my best friend and was always there for me when needed someone to talk to. A year after my surgery Pippin and I were getting ready for my horse show. I ended falling off because I was still weak. When I fell Pippin did not run away like must horses. He stayed right by my side till I got up. The next week I won my first horse competition and fell in love with the sport. Pippin soon became part of the Master Family for all the work he did with me, and for his reward he now spends his days retired in a great big barn with a nice field.

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