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Hot Tub Time Machine A Cult Film I will argue that the movie “Hot Tub Time Machine” is in fact a cult film. Hot Tub Time Machine tells a story of a malfunctioning time machine in the form of a hot tub, at a ski resort. The hot tub takes a man back to 1986 with his two friends and one of their nephew. They are taken back in time where they must relive a fatal night and not change anything to make sure the nephew is born in the future.

Cult films are my favorite type of movie. They are movies that I can relate to, like when my friends and I go out to parties and just have and forget about all our stress.

I enjoy being able to watch a movie over and over again and still find it just as funny as the first time I saw it. Some people believe that Hot Tub Time Machine is not a cult film because they do not find it humorous because they cannot follow the plot.

However, cult films may be best described as being “so bad it’s good. ”(EAA. Time Warp, pg. 278) “They are a little bit different and they require some thought or interpretation. ”(EAA. “It Feels Real” pg. 277) Cult films are not that well processed or clean cut.

They are more like real life and do not always offer a clean conclusion. The films cause one to use their imagination in order to interpret the hidden humor.

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Cult films are meant to be funny. The movies are full of innuendos and adult humor. For example, Hot Tub Time Machine expresses foul language, excessive drug use, and sexual content. These movies have the kind of humor that teens are attracted to. I personally find the humor to be very enjoyable; my mother on the other hand hates the movie. She thinks the movie is wildly inappropriate and just down right stupid.

Must Be Some Kind Of Hot Tub Time Machine

She does not like when I watch it, and I find that ironic because the movie plot takes place during 1986 when she was young and partying at ski resorts as well. “You are sitting with these people you have never met, but by the end of the movie there is an energy-you are a community. ” I find the word “cult” to resemble a negative meaning but at the same time a cult refers to a group. For lack of a better example the KKK would be considered a cult. People who go to these movies want to be there and share the same interests, or views, and laugh at the same kinds of jokes.

Cult films are more often than not quoted by its fans. My best friend and I find awkward situations to be some of the funniest moments. When we find ourselves in these moments we say the words “’great white buffalo” back and forth, getting softer every time. This quote was taken from Hot Tub Time Machine, and depending on whether the people around are fans or not they will laugh and join in. it is like an instant bond when you come across a person who just used a quote from your favorite movie in their everyday conversation.

It is the way fans express their love of the movie, and having quotable dialogue is a major component to a good cult film. “Many people look to film as an escape, others are looking to find different thoughts. ”(EAA. The Offbeat Allure of Cult Films. Pg. 279). When you watch a movie it gives you the chance to imagine yourself in whatever situation you are currently watching. Since cult films are based mainly on humor they depict positive energy, and fun places that people would like to be, along with situations they had never thought possible to find themselves in.

Hot Tub Time Machine is full of absolutely ridiculous situations that you would more often than not ever happen in real life. For example, multiple times during an ice sculpting competition a bell hop tries to throw his chain saw into the air and catch it in order to impress the crowd. Every time he tries he slips on the ice and miraculously it misses cutting off his arm. Later on in the future you see the same bell hop only older and missing an arm, only to find out he lost it doing something completely irrelevant.

Stupid but funny, I know. Cult films are meant to be enjoyed and laughed at, and if you think about it they are meant to always be remembered. You do not really hear many people quoting movies with a serious plot line. Humor just may very well be the key to good advertisement. As a teen myself I appreciate cult films and the light hearted outlook on life they express. I enjoy being able to laugh and lose myself in a movie for a couple of hours or so, and watching Hot Tub Time Machine is one of the best ways I know how to do so.

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