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Horsman: The New Republic Essay

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Horsman, Reginald, The New Republic: The United States of America 1789-1815, Essex, England, Longman (Pearson Education Ltd.) 2000
The New Republic is thefirst volume in a ten part series concerning the history of the United States. This installment is written by Reginald Horsman, with a preface by the series editor, Mark J. White. By White's own omission the goal of the series is to bridge the gap, "between traditional and the'New History.'" Another objective is to provide within The New Republic and subsequent volumes a balance between "political and socio-cultural history." If balance between the two was the publisher's goal, then readers will find that Horsman falls a little short of this objective. Examples of the shortcomings of this text may be a reflection on Horsman's, although well documented, source material. On more than one occasion, the reader will find the author citing himself as a reference. This is not to imply that the work is not a good representation of the time period it covers.
The scope of The New Republic begins with the years following the drafting of the Constitution in 1789 to the closing of the War of 1812. Presented as a "critical" time during the formation of a new government and the attempts of its members to explore their boundaries. Following the terms of four Presidents during a period of history when laws were made and conflicts were many.Readers will discover that Horsman may be thorough, but he does not meet the goal of a'total' history that the series intended to produce. A glance at the table of contents and the chapter names will display that this text is mainly written from an economic perspective. For example, "The Economy, Advance of Settlement, Foreign Trials and the Failure of Economic Coercion," all focus on what was the economic impact and atmosphere of the period. Beginning with a woman's financ…

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