In the fable “The Horse and the Stay” a jelous horse refuses to share the pasture with a stay.Later a man offers to rid him of the stay, but only if he can wear a saddle and have a bridle in his mouth.The horse agrees and both of them shoo away the stag.But his wish had an unforeseen effect.The man then kept the saddle on his back and the bridle in his mouth, and he was never free again.

It all goes to show that decisionsor wishes derived from negative emotions can have long term consequences.The horse didn’t think of how it might impact him negatively.His emotions got the better of him when he thought that his wish could come true.It did, it did for sure, but at what cost?His freedom.

It is the same situation that happened while I was Volunteering in the Emergency Room. Two patients came into the ER via ambulance.

Both had been in different cars when they collided.One was pronounced dead shortly after they had arrived, the other had a serious spinal injury.The patient with the spinal injury had unintentionally rear ended the deceased patient.Coincidently the paralyzed patient had hated the person before, even strong enough to wish death upon him.It was mainly a passing thought, but one which had materialized into action.Call it divine coincidence,call it a freak incidence, but one thing is for sure, his wishes came true.Be careful, some wishes and some not well thought out decisions may come true.

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