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Homosexuality Laws In Various Muslim Countries Religion Paper

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In this article, homosexualism in the Qur’an, Sharia, Islamic Societies, and Islamic Countries is exhaustively described. In the Qur’an, five poetries are provided: They refer to homosexualism as ‘lewdness ‘ , the act of immorality. These poetries oppose the males ‘ penchant of males over females, particularly when Allah has created females to be their ideal psyche couples ; hence, they identify homophiles as ignorant. In the Islamic law, homosexualism is expectedly considered as a jurisprudence misdemeanor, nevertheless many Islamic Schools of Thought have different sentiments sing its penalties. Some say that homophiles should be punished as an fornicator, while others leave the penalty up to Allah. In order for the act to be punished for criminal conversation, it MUST be proven with four informants or a physical/screen testing. The history of homosexualism in Islamic societies discuss how love and desire in homosexualism may be allowed, nevertheless sexual intercourses cross the sexual boundaries set by Allah. In assorted modern Islamic states ( such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran, etc. ) , the penalty really carries a decease punishment. In others ( such as Bahrain, Algeria, etc. ) , the penalty is imprisonment or all right. The article concludes to province the homophile ‘s defence of their actions disputing that the Schools of Thought are ill-defined in their sentiments and that the Qur’an does non stipulate any penalty. I chose this article because it gave me a good thought sing how homosexualism is treated in assorted states, and besides how the Schools of Thought warrant the act that conflicts with assorted people ‘s beliefs.

Mission Islam. ( 2010 ) . “ Islam and Homosexuality. ” Retrieved December 10, 2010, from

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.missionislam.com/knowledge/homosexuality.htm

This article discusses a assortment of information sing Islam and homosexualism: Islam ‘s position and position, poetries from the Qur’an and Hadith, the out facet of homosexualism, and buggery and sapphism. The Islamic Society of North America besides explains the ground for Islam ‘s jurisprudence against homosexualism: It is physically harmful for the person, and it is socially and spiritually scandalous. On sapphism and buggery, a few poetries are provided that discuss what happens to the person that commits them. The article returns to explicate that the common construct of perpetrating self-destruction to get away the penalty of being a homophile does non break the state of affairs, as self-destruction is perfectly FORBIDDEN. Alternatively, if a homosexual is sincere of his wickedness, he should atone to Allah. The facet of homosexualism that is forbidden is an existent sexual intercourse, nevertheless this article emphasizes in deepness of Allah ‘s clemency, forgiveness, and ways to subject to him for his counsel and aid to bring around such feelings. As the poetries in the Qur’an that quote about homosexualism are frequently mentioned, poetries of the Hadith will be discussed here: It summarizes that work forces should non look at physical parts of another adult male, and should non lie under one screen have oning no unmentionable ; the same regulation applies to adult females. This shows how Allah condemns homosexualism in the Qur’an and Hadith. A long overview of homosexualism accepted in a few topographic points ( such as U.S ) and encouragement to ‘express oneself ‘ is described in this article. It emphasizes how this behaviour is promoted, and how Muslims must non allow the credence return over their beliefs and what Allah forbids. It mentions that Allah can non alone alter the state of affairs by merely prohibiting it ; nevertheless Muslims would necessitate to lend by distributing the message to advance proper values. The article stopping points by re-mentioning Islam ‘s position on homosexualism, which, by now we know to be considered ‘sinful. ‘ However, it besides mentions that we are non homosexual by nature, but through our environments because it is a pick, non what we are born with. I chose this article because I was really funny sing the badness of penalties of a homosexual. This article, without uncertainty, went into deepness sing this ; in fact, they are overstated throughout the article, so it is decidedly apparent that these Acts of the Apostless are punishable by Allah and considered as a profound error.

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Robinson, B.A. ( 1997 ) . “ Islam and homosexualism: All point of views ” . Ontario Consultants on

Religious Tolerance. Retrieved December 10, 2010, from hypertext transfer protocol: //www.religioustolerance.org/hom_isla.htm

In this article, Robinson discusses how spiritual beliefs on the five chief faiths frequently studied worldwide are based on disclosure of their Bible, tradition, logic and ground, and a personal religious experience. He touches on two aureate motions: the Liberal and the Conservative. Without a uncertainty, we already understand that the Liberal involves the logic, ground, and personal experiences ; these involve much of scientific discipline and research, which is normally identified as the ‘other side of the ocean ‘ with faith. The other aureate motion that Robinson references is the conservative motion, which doubtless involves the Bible disclosure and spiritual tradition. From reading the article, it is really easy to separate the difference between the two. One motion is more modern than the other, which explains how and why people feel what they do about homosexualism. In the broad motion, the faiths do non needfully hold with homosexual behaviour, nevertheless see it as an act that is fixed and exists. With the conservative motion, faiths decidedly do non hold or back up the behaviour in any manner or signifier ; hence, they regard it as a chosen way and unnatural. Robinson farther discusses how faiths can play a function in finding such determinations as these, to go a homosexual. Because faith is so profoundly involved and considered, many conservativists of these chief worldwide faiths portion similar positions with respects to God ‘s instructions and Torahs on the act. I chose this article because it goes into deepness as to how faith plays a function, and how it balances both sides: the broad and the conservative. It summarizes precisely what one would necessitate to cognize about both universes with respects to credence of the behaviour, socially and sacredly.

The Religion of Peace Guide: Guide to Understanding Islam. ( 2006 ) . “ What Does the Religion of Peace Teach Aboutaˆ¦Homosexuality. ” Retrieved December 10, 2010, from hypertext transfer protocol: //www.thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/026-homosexuality.htm

This article clearly outlines Islam ‘s place when it comes to homosexualism. It provides the same verses that the Holy Qur’an quotes on the topic ; nevertheless it explains them in deepness so that it is comprehensible to the reader. In the first poetry, it explains how homosexualism is punishable by decease, narrating the narrative of Sodom and the “ rain of rocks ” upon homophiles. The 2nd poetry compares the wickedness to assorted other wickednesss committed by personhood, to be the worst of the sexual wickednesss ( such as criminal conversation ) . Many mentions may debate amongst homosexualism and adultery otherwise. What is different about this beginning is that it besides discusses homosexualism in Paradise ; of class, the same regulations would non be applicable to this celestial topographic point ( as the Qur’an refers to homophiles in Eden as ‘scattered pearls ‘ ) . This article besides provides a few poetries from the Hadith that aim to unclutter the difference between criminal conversation and homosexualism, as many persons regard the sexual Acts of the Apostless to be the same. It farther returns to explicate the penalties in assorted states that have really happened, nevertheless in farther item than the article above. It remarks on the consciousness of homosexualism raised because of Muslims, for their on-going attempts to extinguish it. I chose this article because I felt the demand to carefully understand what the quotation marks in the Qur’an and Hadith were stating. It was easier to understand this article ; nevertheless it was hard to accept the terrible penalties that are undergoing in assorted Muslim states worldwide. They were more descriptive and even addressed the inquiry as to how they should be persecuted. In a manner, I personally believe there must be a less-violent option to restrict this behaviour.

Investigating Islam. “ What is Islam ‘s position of homosexualism? ” Retrieved December 10, 2010, from hypertext transfer protocol: //www.islamic.org.uk/homosex.html

In this article, it goes more into accent of ‘sinning ‘ and how to travel about altering the behaviour in assorted ways that involve our inner and outer attempts. This article besides suggests that those who are homosexual may non acknowledge anything incorrect with the behaviour, as they perchance are non sing the act from a spiritual position. Sexuality is an single pick that can be controlled if the head is put to it. The complexness of accommodating to alter in behaviour is besides emphasized ; it is hard to acquire into the rhythm as backslidings may happen. As this is non the lone act that is harm in Islam, this article proceeds to discourse how these attempts to alter can use to any out act against Islam ( such as imbibing intoxicant ) . I chose this article because it to a great extent addresses on the power of the head and its ability to alter an action of ours. I appreciated how it took a more humanistic position and was non every bit rough as the other articles. It involved the person and attempts that many of us aim to do. Most significantly, I chose this article because I respected that it underlined the imperfectness of us all as Allah ‘s creative activities.

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