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Homer Essay

Homer is declared as the most important poet of the ancient Greece and maybe lived 800 years BC. Today it is not finally sure though this person really existed and if he alone created the two major and most pioneering epics of the Greek antiquity, which we know today as "Iliad" and "Odyssey". These days it is a very controversial discussion if only one person can be responsible to these huge epics and should earn honour for these absolute examples in the occidental world on which the whole linguistic means of epic was defined and maybe born. The "Odyssey" tells the story of Odysseus, his odyssey and returning to Greece. The "Iliad" tells the story about the siege of Troy and of the Trojan War lasting ten years. Linguistics and historical evidence allowed the supposition that these epics have been written in a settlement on the west coast of Asia Minor sometime in the 9th century BC. The epic style on which we, as linguists, are interested does not make a real distinction between the two epics, so that the origin seems to be the same. Both are written in a impersonal and formal verse, dealing with some kind of language that would be never used within an ordinary discussion. What makes the difference and let many readers think they had different origins is that the Iliad deals with passion and insoluble problems although there are no villains. Nevertheless are all the actors also victims of an extremely tragic universe. On the other hand, the Odyssey deals with a totally differing set with no passion at all. The whole set is more gloomy and maybe treats a better world in which the wicked are destroyed and the honest prevails. These two are Homers most signifying works but he also wrote series of relatively short poems about the various gods of ancient Greek. The so-called "Homeric Question" asks for homer the individual. This question, if this person really existed and though he r

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